Ahhh how I’m novidadeira even! I’m always alert in search of fresh news to make life easier for my dear readers! Each day I think of a different agenda to please all tastes and styles! So today I decided to talk about two subjects that I love passion: entrepreneurship and cool brands.

I saw a story of a young German who after settling in Brazil, struggled to furnish the house itself. Max Reichel, the entrepreneur in question, was not satisfied with the high values of the furniture in Brazil, and decided to create his own furniture store. That’s when he created the Oppa, furniture brand that gives voice to the talent of the young Brazilian designers in beautiful pieces at affordable prices. Check necessary home now at http://www.necessaryhome.com/.

When you created the brand in 2o11, Max tried to take a big question in your head “By the furniture prices so high? The answer: the ideas existed, but who would bet on them, was the cap to start the hand in the work. Under the motto “Design is for everyone” they managed to put together some of the things we love the most, quality, beauty and fair price! And with a bonus, you can choose the sofa again without leaving the old!

In the online store, there are more than 350 different products, with prices for those who can spend little and for those who can spend a lot. No more excuses for a decor simple sinha. And if you want tips on how to compose the furniture brand their blog is full of wonderful inspirations for the time to decorate!

Oppa: Advanced Decoration at a Fair Price!
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