“Only with Condoms” Application Is a Hit

A new mobile game, which should inform about sexually transmitted diseases, has been a big hit.The game is part of a major campaign.

The application “Rub’it” is a game, which is developed in the context of the health protection agency’s campaign “Only with condoms”, which has been running the past two weeks ‘ time.

-“You were whacked by Gonorrhea”, this is the cash reporting in Rub’it, if one shoots the condom because the orange bacterium (Gonorrhea), which is a in the amount of sperm cells, herpes, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Rub’it has entered in first place, as the most popular educational games on the iPhone right now, while in action-the category is number three. The game has also been published for both Android and Windows Phone. It writes our site.

You will be hit by a problematic bacteria or virus, then you will get a description of the impact and symptoms there are for that venereal disease.

The game is an information game to make young people learn more about the impact that is by not using a condom.

The game is free to download both in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Big. You can also play Rub’it via Facebook — and you are the best on the high score list you can win a ski trip for two persons.