OnLive, that service both criticized initially but that gave me satisfaction after try it from Spain, takes a step forward in its product line by offering what a priori may seem a simple application for Tablet. His name is OnLive Desktop, and although in principle it will only be available for iPad in the future you can reach other systems such as Android, iPhone, PC and Mac.

The idea is to dispose of a remote desktop on iPad located directly on the OnLive servers. Still being the same product that currently already offer video games, but applying it to a full operating system such as Windows 7 which will have 2 GB of storage in the cloud, accessible from any device using our user and respective password, of course. It is of a free testing service that will be a Pro version, which will come soon with a price of $10 a year offering 50 GB capacity online. Know if the free phase will be deleted once the service is final.

The Mission of OnLive Desktop It is the software that Windows has and not found in iOS, as for example a suite to add whole office (Office, although there are alternative often needed) or certain technical and very specific programs that exist only for the Microsoft platform. In addition, the company will offer two other types of accounts, so-called Enterprise and Collaborative Services and for a sector more professional that requires a further customization of the system, specific applications or multiple users.

Announced today, the OnLive Desktop app for iPad It is already available in the American store and their arrival in the European market is still uncertain. I leave you with the video presentation that shows the potential It has, and if it works as it promises it may be very interesting for certain tasks. Yes, it is possible that iOS (and in general any mobile operating system) is my point of view short is enough for a large part of the users, but low in certain specific tasks where the desktop operating systems continue to earn the game to mobile systems.

OnLive Will Put Windows 7 from The Cloud to Your Tablet