Omegas Instagram Clock Finally Arrives at “Real Life”

In January the brand sold a limited edition “Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday” on the photo platform. It was sold out quickly. Now the first model has been delivered – a trendsetter?

The works of most luxury watches may be mechanical – but the current industry crisis is fueling more and more brands for digital marketing.Already at the Geneva Watchmaker in January, where the manufactories presented themselves under the umbrella of the Richemont Group, this became very clear: providers such as IWC blogged as never before.

Georges Kern, who has since become a member of the IWC’s leadership group, leaves little doubt that he is willing to admit the network and, above all, platforms and social media, both in advertising and in commerce.IWC models are now found at Mr. Porter, a portal for men’s fashion.

Limited to 2012 copies

At about the same time as the Geneva Salon, Omega had a test balloon on the Internet.On the Fotoplattform Instagram, the Swatch brand distributed a special edition, limited to 2012 copies, the Omega Speedmaster Professional “Speedy Tuesday” .Now the company announced that the first item was delivered.

Even if you should be careful with the word Scoop, it can be said that the January action was one.The pieces had been sold in the record time of exactly four hours, 15 minutes and 43 seconds.And that despite the not cheap price of 5400 Swiss francs for the watch with a case of brushed aluminum, a dark panda dial, a central omega logo and a brown leather strap with vintage buckle and quilting stitching.According to what is known about the behavior of collectors, value increases can at least not be ruled out.

The clock on the moon

The special edition coincided with the 60th anniversary of the model, which Omega also broadly marketed: Built in 1957 for racing drivers, the Speedmaster “is the first watch ever worn on the moon, symbolic of the technology-friendly time spirit of the 60s, as for the Western world to conquer the universe before the Soviets.

There, their precision proved – their services were jointly responsible for saving the American Apollo 13 mission;the astronauts timed the critical 14 seconds to the course correction when re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere with the chronograph function of the model.Later, the Apollo-Soyuz meeting attended the wrists of Russian cosmonauts and their US colleagues, and the clock was on board in one of the spaceshuttles via Localtimezone.

Omegas Instagram Clock Finally Arrives at Real Life 1

Omegas Instagram Clock Finally Arrives at Real Life 2

Omegas Instagram Clock Finally Arrives at Real Life 3

Similar world market leader

The news that the pieces distributed via Instagram have now actually arrived at the customer, should provoke the same unrest in classic jewelers as in the case of competitors.In times when entire sales regions are experiencing strong backflows, it could be crucial to be at the forefront of new distribution routes.

Rolex , the world market leader, is still back in the race:no watch can be officially bought from the brand.However, in 2016, Geneva was also a record year against the trend.