Now You Can Save Attachments From Gmail Emails in Google Drive

After allowing users of Gmail to send attached files from Google Drive , the Google decided to announce today an inverse function: soon you will receive a resource that will save Gmail message attachments directly to any folder on your Google Drive, eliminating the need to download (and without having to  use a script  for this).

Photos, videos, documents and spreadsheets attached to have previous displayed in thumbnail size at the end of the email. By clicking on a thumbnail, the file will be displayed in full screen. Then you can click on the Google Drive icon, select a folder and save the attachment directly in the cloud. If you prefer to download the file to your computer, simply click the button with the down arrow.

While viewing in full screen, you can easily navigate between multiple attachments, which makes it more practical to look at all the pictures of the party who were great. There is also a button to find words and phrases within documents directly in the preview.

The news is being distributed gradually in the Gmail web interface and will reach all users over the next week.