NimbleBit Brings Bit City to Merge What Is a ‘Clicker’ with ‘Sim City’

The ‘clicker’ games have their one and some have had great success as it is Tap Titans. That’s clubbing screen to punish the monsters as to the phone, it is a bit of fashion, so they are more and more games of this type that is right to Play Store to be installed them.

One well curious and striking is Bit City, which has been released in beta form and which has been impossible to access be complete from the Play Store. Finally, these days ago has been released and can be carried to the internal memory of your smartphone to find the merger between the ‘clicker’ and which has always been Sim City.

With just keystrokes, please

At the time that you install Bit City, your Android can rest easy, since it is not a ‘clicker’ use, I mean that you won’t have to “hit” infinite shape your smartphone screen, as it is the case with the mentioned Tap Titans that you already have your new edition on Tap Titans 2.

Here will have to be attentive to press at the time just on the screen so we do not lose coba and We can continue to improve all parcels We have built up, either for residences, services, or business. Bit City brings some memories to Sim City in his aesthetics and his way of playing it, though the is enough distance in some of its most basic aspects.

For example, will not build where we want, but there are some specially designed holes so yes you can choose if you want a residential, business or services. Apart from this type of areas, we have by default it would be the Town Hall, a parking lot and the Bank.

You can raise taxes, rates to vehicles or unlock buildings such as the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe

Each of these buildings have a role in particular. The City Council serves to the money collected from the tax increase or rates to vehicles, or reduce the time in which the buildings will be built. As we go to invest more money in those special skills, we can unlock other levels.

The objectives and the button build

Bit City has a central button of construction He must go at all times to go thus improving buildings. More of the same level, more income get, although they also take more to be built, so it is interesting that we help some extras to not take so much.

The parking building attempts that we can get new vehicles that will be added to the traffic of the city. Apart from be able to inflate them to higher rates, these vehicles will facilitate more money for the Treasury and greenbacks with which we can achieve greater benefits.

The ‘clicker’ of Bit City is located in go by clicking on the vehicles for regoger gold and notes, and be alert to the button build so the city continue to evolve. As we go to have more money, we can build new regions to encourage the different areas of the city so there is a variety of businesses, residences and services.

In the bottom right corner we have the “red button” that lets us know the following objectives to meet, such as 50 buildings or reach the next level of the city. It is a way to get around the game in the first few minutes of starting to reach X number of needy population, that will allow us to move to a city of greater extension.

There are other aspects of the city they will incorporate automatically such as wind turbines that will supply the electrical power required to keep the city at your own pace. That Yes, we have the ability to “block” a building so that this increase their level, although I will not change its shape, so it will allow us to “design” a little as we want some regions.

It complies in all its aspects

There’s much more to discover in Bit City as they are Special buildings and in Sim City, and many others, were the icing on the cake as they are here. You can unlock them through tickets for have in your city the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe among many others.

In short, we are in a well designed game that has very clear things. His music accompanies the subject of simulation and build a city, and its graphic level is great when you’re playing in the League of that cubic aspect that we have seen in Crossy Road and other so many video games on Android.

A pleasant surprise that will allow you part of the spirit of Sim City to screen your smarpthone, albeit with the limitations is centered on being a ‘clicker’. NimbleBit is still committed to those pixelated characters that have given so much fame and that we will see in upcoming betting entertainment for Android.

Bit City1.0.0

  • Version of Android: from 2.3.3
  • Size: 59,93 MB
  • Developer: NimbleBit LLC
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Simulation