New Rear Zippered Jeans Divide Opinions on Social Networks

The release of a rear zippered jeans has generated controversy on the web.Netizens were divided between those who celebrated fashion innovation and those who criticized what they considered a novelty in bad taste.Fruit of the collaboration between the brands Levi’s and Vetements, the piece brings the apparent seam, a zipper on each leg and another in the middle of the back of the pants.

The trousers are on sale at Net-A-Porter, priced at $ 1,715 (the equivalent of $ 5,300).In addition to the trousers, shorts of similar concept were released at US $ 1 thousand (about R $ 3 thousand).The parts can be used with zippers open or closed, according to the desire of the consumer.

The French label released the model in its Instagram, and the comments evidence the installed controversy.While some praise, the more energetic users against innovation stressed that it would be a “rape facilitator.”But there were those who argued that no piece of clothing justifies the crime or “invites” abusers.

“Jeans with a rear zipper, nothing good will come from this piece,” criticized an Internet user.Another person pointed out that if it was to let the zipper open, it would leave without pants at once.Some doubted the trend and wondered if it was not a joke or marketing action.

On the other side, netizens emphasized the sexy character of the piece and went to experience.”That’s hot,” he said.”Easter gift,” an Internet user asked, as she dialed a person nearby.

For the not so affordable price, some would try to adapt the style to old jeans.One of them risked asking for a copy for free.To an Internet user, the model served as an inspiration for the reform of torn or repaired trousers.

Several used the model to play with friends.”Look at this collection, I think it will please you, eh?” Wrote one.”Look, my friend, it’s your face!” Came another.