Nail Unicorn:+20 Magic Designs for Your Manicure

Nail Unicorn have become one of the major trends of manicure, for their elaborate super fancy designs, that are so great to look a nail out of series. In addition, also highlights by its color and embellishments.
We love the unicorns as imaginary creatures that lately, also we have seen in all kinds of clothing and accessories. Inspired by them to decorate your nails, it is a very original idea.

But you may not know where start to pay homage as is.

Take a look at the nail designs with popular Web unicorns, and decide which of them goes best with you. Or get inspired to create own design that fascinates you.

The best designs of nail of Unicorn

The following designs will impress you by its color and texture, reminding a lot these mythological beings that we love so much.With which of them you feel to try?

A Decorated Unicorns
These magical animals can become present in your manicure in great ways, whether through silhouettes or with more elaborate designs. And always full of color.

The bright colors and pastels, are the most popular to accompany the unicorns, that make us think in full of glamor and fantasy worlds. Just watch that effect you can achieve in your nails, following these stunning designs.

Colorful Unicorn nails

In this type of manicure, than most usual is to use more than one tone of enamel to create transitions or geometric designs, inspired by the aesthetics of the unicorns.

Mirror the effect or litmus is ideal to achieve this, without forgetting of course the nails marbling with very feminine colors or decorated with metal Union to highlight each color.

Unicorn pointed nails

Another great inspiration that fascinates lovers of nail art, is located in the Horn of mythological animals and what better way to prove it, that with a manicure at tip.

Textured holographic or degraded, decorated with glitter or stones, or even imitating a Unicorn Horn; nails look phenomenal when you use a bit of your creativity to transform them into a work of art as that you see here.

Nail Unicorn with stones

What best complement stones to highlight these beautiful designs?They are the perfect accessory to turn your hands into a real gem.

Note that continue to prevail the pastel colors like lilac, pink cake, green water and melon. Combined with metallic details and gems of fancy, create the perfect backdrop for a flawless manicure.

Unicorn with glitter nails

Like the stones, glitter is another ideal supplement for nails that are inspired by unicorns, especially that which comes in different shapes and colors, which are so easy to apply.

You can add just a light coating of glitter or you can achieve a holographic effect, covering your nails completely. It is essential that you remember to stay on the color palette in which this style was inspired.

Nails step by step Unicorn

As you’ve already just seen, there are many designs that can be adapted to long and short, natural nails or acrylic. However, in these latest ka most it may look much more; especially those having beak.

This tutorial channel of Karo Dee * Nails, shows us as making a design inspired by the unicorns, with tip and white as main color.

This design can be customised entirely to your liking, using a color or several that convince you more than white. Although the latter alone the truth is that it does not look too bad.

There’s nothing cuter than a magical manicure nail Unicorn!