My Story – Silvana Thinkers: Photographer, Plus Size Model

Today we want to Silvana imagine thinkers – a power woman, who as a photographer, plus size model, and with various initiatives is travelling around the world and provides of course stir. There are stories, which can write so exciting and colorful life.

In this plus size blog from, you can find out our what moves Silvana thinkers, which stones she gave on their journey out of the way and had to do it with the comedian of Otto Waalkes. Clear the stage thinkers for Silvana.

Silvana Thinkers About A Sobering Event And A Fortunate Coincidence

Actually had I imagined all my life, even as a child, actually ever since I could remember, I wanted to study medicine, was then dutifully made high school, purchased the large Latinum, bio performance course, etc. Because I had not the best grades, I then made a voluntary social year and started a training to health and nurse to collect waiting semester. Since I realized at some point, that this is not my way. I dropped out of the training and did not know until time, what I should be doing now, since I had never given thought about an alternative. I kept me afloat with jobs, have just gained even one or two semesters in a study, but all this was nothing for me.

Since I was 18, have I modeled a little hobby, never with the intention, so that time to earn my money, because I was using at that time dress size 38 though slim, but still too thick to modelling. I still remember a shooting which also a different model was attended, she wore a dress size 32. She looked at me and said to me: “Yes, I was once so thick as you.” That hurt me at the time, especially since I myself found currently anyway always too thick (crazy when I see photos of that time today).

With the time I had more and more their own photo ideas and images in the mind and in 2006 decided to buy me my own camera. From then on I started to photograph everything, like a savage what came to me in front of the lens. I tinkered me light sources from construction heaters and kitchen lamps and have tried a lot. Otto Waalkes and his dwarves on Promo tour for the second dwarf movie by German cinemas were then a few weeks later. When they were in Siegburg, Germany, I went with my camera. Because I was there too early, one of the team members picked up me, who were already there before to check on the right. So I met Otto, Hans Werner Olm, Ralf Schmitz and co. and he took me backstage. After a few more visits to other cinemas, Otto finally invited me to come to Darmstadt, I was allowed to go in the evening with dinner and got even my own hotel room. There was also the producer of the film, that Otto had told of my photos. And so it was that I was asked if I would like to go to photos of them with the guys on tour and to shoot the fans for the Web page. In the two weeks I realized, that I want to be a photographer and 2007 I then started my degree in photo design at a Media Academy of Cologne.

For Silvana Thinker, The Turning Point Was The Ulla Popken Model Casting

So I lived then even further before me, worked, and gradually built up my independence, also often worked with models. Plus size models, I had heard anything at the time. This changed in 2010 when a friend asked me if I could photograph them for a model contest by Ulla Popken for large sizes, because she wanted to apply.

I myself had become 2008 over 45 kilos, a lousy job, a dysfunctional relationship where I was not happy, and Hin hovering generally unsatisfied like my life. All of this taken together has given, that I slid off into an eating disorder, I have had to date still good in the handle.I had real eating attacks (I call it deliberately so, because there was no regular food) and lost all control. The 45 kilo I took to in just a few months and I emerged not long out of the vicious circle. The more I grew, I became more dissatisfied and more I became dissatisfied, I ate more.

Until a new job and the separation of my then-boyfriend including a complete fresh start have resulted that I got myself and my eating habits back into the handle. So I lost relatively quickly back nearly 35 kilos. In fact I must fight again until today, not back to slide or to drift into the opposite. But to do so even more.

Anyway, I had then 2010 dress size 42/44 and figured that I could send Yes also two photos more from “Fun and laughter”, as they say here. The application was sometime in the spring, and by the time I thought not. In the summer, I then moved around and I got no further notice due to the new address. Fortunately, wrote an eMail to me a friend and me pointed out, that I was under the finalists. I was quite gobsmacked and was pleased of course huge! Actually I wanted to immediately call my grandma I had a very close relationship and that was always very interested in what I made so all. She loved getting my photos. Since I but knew that I two days later wanted to visit, I thought I could show you also the invitation and telling her personally. On the way to my grandparents, my father called me and told me that my grandmother had died suddenly and for all unexpected in the night. She probably would have been happy for me and would have been my biggest fan. My other grandmother died six days later, and so I decided to take my mother and to go with her to the final of the Modelcontests. So I wanted to get other thoughts. I am so not shut with the idea and, to be a model or to win, but again a few nice things to experience. And it was really a very nice time. Among the women I found girlfriends and we have any contact with each other – until today. Although I have not gained my life has changed dramatically.

Hövels To Las Vegas – Thanks To The Plus Size Dress Size

A short time later I was taken following a recommendation of the model Booker from Ulla Popken, from my first agency under contract. In the spring of 2011, I had my first job as a professional plus size model. For a catalogue shooting, I flew to Las Vegas; from there it went to Los Angeles for the next photo shoot. It was so incredibly exciting. I’ve never been before in the US and it was always one of my dreams. Because we had enough time, we could look at some things and on the last night we were Soleil at the Bellagio together at Cirque you hotel. I had not enough money to provide me with a map, so the team has put together secretly, and me also a card ordered. I am so grateful to this day and could leave even a crumbly when I think about it. It was really a great time.

For me, that was the beginning of a photographer more and more in the plus size area to work. I met more and more models, such as for example Carina Behrens or Tanya Gouraige, I often had before the lens, and I quickly realized that it is a very different work. Harmonious, happy, loose, and so have I me specialized after also behind the camera more and more to put curvy women (and men) in scene. Now I was allowed magazine not only as a model, but also as a photographer for great designers, such as Doris Megger or Adam Brody, or magazines, such as curvy or plus model magazine, work.

I have must meet such wonderful people who have shown me that you have to wear not clothing size 36 to be mind-boggling. I have won so much more self confidence through my two professions and it helps a lot when I’m fighting once again to my eating disorder. Long I me hated that have to have wrangled, so increased, some, that I have failed to address. Today, I see everything in a different light. I never would have increased, I had never experienced everything that has happened in the last few years. I would have probably never learned even to accept me and to love as I am. Not everything that appears initially bad, is in reality also.