Monster Inspiration: Headphones Musical, Luxurious and Comfortable!

Those who expected a design similar to the Monster Beats will be disappointed, Monster takes the opposite of these modes helmets which were a great success, opting for a much more sophisticated style. 

Leather and brushed aluminum are now set, and the least we can say is that the finish is neat. The original presentation is already rewarding, but Monster offers the possibility to Customize your headset. Indeed, the strip of the bow is removable andmagnetically, nothing simpler that to draw Monster in the catalog to choose the color or the pattern suits you. The many patterns and colors available, include the glossy black leatherette, silver squares, the silver leatherette, grey semi bright, Navy Blue, jeans style, red, Brown, and even… a studded black headband (!) on which I will not comment.Inspiration is not a helmet small format, with his 344 grams, but its padding makes it a nice port. The Atria of rectangular pressure closed but not excessive and it is foldable.

From the technical point of view, the Inspiration is a closed helmet and type Circum-Aural active noise reduction. This last may, of course be disabled, is powered by 2 AAA batteries. According to electronicsmatter, the packaging contains also 3 cables, one purely audio, one with compatible remote control mobile devices Apple and the third, rarer thing, dedicated to devices from other brands. You will deduce therefore logically that communication is possible on this helmet, which confirms the presence of a microphone on the 2-wire remote control. Finally, it comes with its carrying case leather soft and with a carabiner.

Placed on the head and connected to the Cowon Z2, the Monster offers a much more balanced than its predecessor, powered active reduction refund. Certainly the grave remains opulent but there’s this feeling of excessive dominance which occult the rest of the spectrum. Bass down low but leave still speak the mid-high, undoubtedly more defined andricher. Without reaching the neutrality of the best (also is the goal?) Inspiration grows a more clarity that allows to better appreciate the subtleties of the musical message. In fact, sound reproduction of Inspiration looks like its design, both comfortable and reassuring. Attention, comfortable doesn’t mean not tasteless here, far from it, but we don’t feel or assaulted by treble screaming or invaded by thundering bass, which promises long sessions of listening without ear fatigue.

Versatility wasn’t the first characteristic Monster Beats, things change with the Inspiration, that is comfortable on all types of music. Had purée with jazz, salsa, rap, reggae, the electro, French music and classical music, he was able to meet all the requests. If we find more subtle in the medium acute and more tense in the bass, he pulls out of the game by its universality. I would say Inspiration is an easy-going helmet, put on the skull and listen to his music without asking existential questions about the why and how. Disabling active noise reduction gives a slightly less cheerful rendering and more dish, the feeling can be distorted by the fact that the sound seems closer with the reduction on.Note that we can still use the headset even when the batteries are discharged, which is not often the case on the active noise reduction headphones.

With its luxurious manufacture which does no flank to criticism, his sound aesthetic rich and balanced, its active noise reduction function and its customization possibilities, inspired very pleasantly surprises and can without hesitation compete with the elite of the headsets in its price category.