MobilePay Ready for Windows Phone

Danske Bank has just published that application MobilePay is coming out for Windows Phones.

MobilePay is an app that makes it easy to transfer money to others. You transfer the amount through the recipient’s mobile phone number, and don’t think of sharing account information, or have your NemID forward.

The application has long been waiting for Windows Phones, but along with a new update is the so now also ready for this platform.

MobilePay is free to download and can be used as soon as you have registered. After the first registration of account and card information has taken place, so you should only use your personal code and mobile phone number on it which must have money transferred. And hey presto, then the transfer happened – and both you and the recipient will receive immediately a receipt confirming the transfer.

You can download MobilePay free in Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store or Windows Phone Large.