Mio Cyclo Renews the Whole Experience of Cycling

Whenever you get off the bike, you have an opportunity to improve. Whether on rails, indoor, on track or on the road. Improving your personal record or competing with others. The options are endless with the Mio Cyclo 405 HC and 605 HC.Everything you need to improve your performance and give you motivation, comes to the market with an elegant and modern design.

Mio 405HC

The MIO Cyclo 405 HC is a GPS with maps of 38 European countries. This version is also equipped with a screen that allows a quick and clear reading of the data, even with the sun falling under the huge 4 “touch screen. This Mio also has anti-glare technology, a transflective screen that allows you to read maps and data without having to stop or remove the glasses in progress.

Water resistant, with an impermeability level rated IPX7.

The battery is not replaceable and lasts up to 15 hours.

Mio 605HC

This equipment uses Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to synchronize your tracks and record to your MioShare account without having to connect to a computer. The user can see messages from social apps (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook) through the connectivity of the smart phone to Bluetooth ™.

The Cyclo 605 HC excels in any type of climate. The 4 “touch screen, anti-dazzle, ensures extraordinary clarity of reading maps, data and directions while pedals, with an IPX7 rating impermeability.

When connected to the MioShare application, it directly synchronizes the routes made to the Strava ™, allowing you to analyze and share. Compatible with Strava segments in exterior and interior workouts.

The Mio 605 HC is not only stylish, but also quite manageable with superb navigation.