Microsoft Confirms: Edge Will Not Support Silverlight

Microsoft wants to get rid of the negative image that Internet Explorer has built over the past years. Therefore, the company is, among other things, taking care to prevent the Microsoft Edge incorporates outdated resources or never worked satisfactorily. It’s what led her to confirm that the browser will not support Silverlight.

In fact, the Edge will not support ActiveX controls, such as Microsoft made it clear a few months ago, and this implies the lack of compatibility with Silverlight.

According to the company, this is a measure that is consistent, for example, the decision Google to stop support in Chrome plugins based on NPAPI. It is a movement that aims to bring to light extensions using more current resources and thus offer more performance and security.

Silverlight should not even be missed. The format emerged in 2007 to confront the Flash. At that time, Microsoft had the mentality that should have a product her competing in all possible web segments (the company has to have a competitor to YouTube called Soapbox).

Although far from achieving the scope of Flash, Silverlight has there its adherents. The format is mandatory, for example, Netflix, but today the service is fully compatible with HTML5.

It is this way that Microsoft indicates the developers who still base their applications on older technologies. In addition to the HTML5 itself, the company recommends the adoption of features such as DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) and Cenc (Common Encryption).

Silverlight will not be abandoned altogether. The format will continue to be supported by Internet Explorer 11, and Windows 10 by itself, but only for compatibility with legacy applications – in other words, to be a time of transition. No surprise: since Satya Nadella took the company’s reins was evident Microsoft’s focus on newer and universal standards.

With information: ZDNet

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