MercadoLibre Close Partnership with the Post Office and Facilitates Calculation of Freight

If you have already purchased a product in MercadoLibre, you know that one of the major site problems is logistics. Each vendor takes a different freight table; you must access each product to find out the value, and to make matters worse, some vendors adopt lower prices for overpaying on freight, making what the buyer thinks it is paying less. This should change with MercadoEnvios, service developed by MercadoLibre in partnership with the Post Office to automate part of the process.

The MercadoEnvios is available for the more than 5 million platform vendors. When adopted, the page of each product will have an option for the buyer to check the freight and select the shipping method that can be Sedex or PAC. The MercadoLibre says, as has a large volume of sales (only in 2011 were 53 million products sold), you can get rates up to 20% cheaper to the Post.

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To find the freight without MercadoEnvios, you must ask directly to the seller or click on a link that leads to a third party service. These services typically have a field “additional fee”, which can be used to overpaying freight. In addition, some vendors adopt fixed tables freight, which vary by region or state and can not be very fair.

The eBay sellers should also benefit: the site itself generates a label of post office to be affixed to the package, which must be sent within 4 days. And nothing to worry about tracking codes: transport request and pending shipments may be followed directly in MercadoLibre, without the need to access the Post system.

We have no way of knowing whether the system will work well because membership is optional and few vendors have adopted the MercadoEnvios to date. On eBay, which has integrated freight calculation, you can make a search and sort products by price plus the freight, so you can know how much you will pay in total. Very useful, and you can still save a few bucks without consulting each vendor.