Meet Our Stie to Talk about Networks and Telcos

Our stie on Monday sends employees to the streets, to talk about the network and what experiences you have with telcos.

A new study from our stie shows that a strong mobile network is the most important parameter when the Danes must choose telecommunications company. The study, which was conducted by the Epinion consultancy firm for our stie, shows 73 percent of Danes choose telecommunications company based on how well the network is functioning.

Therefore, our stie also on Monday send entire 570 employees out in the “field” in Aalborg and Copenhagen, to meet people for a chat on mobile networks and other experiences with their telecommunications company.

Since the mobile phone was a smartphone, it was also important to far more than just calling from. Earlier this year, the smart phone also the Danes ‘ “internet machine” number 1, according to a survey carried out earlier this year, our stie. 50 percent of Danes using mostly the smart phone, when they go on the Web.

Now our stie so out meeting people on the street, to hear about their expectations and experiences with the mobile network. It is not the normal customer service representatives that are sent in “the field”, but they are not on a daily basis have customer contact.

-“We have a philosophy of that even if you are sitting at the head office and for daily work with law, marketing or something else, then you have a once in a while to meet customers and hearing about their experiences and expectations. We are in the throes of a historic upgrade of our network and has therefore done network to headline at customer day, but we are of course willing to talk with people about other experiences with their telecommunications company — even those who do not may be positive, because the whole idea of the day is, of course, that we must remember to listen to customers and take both good and bad comments seriously , “said our stie’s customer Director Jesper Hansen.

You can find our stie’s employees approximately 75 different locations in Aalborg and Copenhagen, inter alia. by our stie shops, as well as in a number of shopping centres between the hours of 12.00 and 15.00.