Meajudajojo, Edited Skirt

I had promised, there on Instagram (@mourajo) that the#MeAjudaJojo would post yesterday, I know. But I was late was not deleixo, I swear. I feel last night in front of the computer, I chose the play of the day and started researching combinations while Friends echoed softly on Tv out front. When I looked at the clock again was 4 in the morning and I hadn’t blinked your eyes, such was the excitement with the looks they were finally taking shape on the screen. Forced myself to sleep. Nothing I write to that point was going to make a lot of sense. So now, after an early morning, return to my position in front of the computer.

Let’s start talking about our play problem? I confess that this time hit a mega doubt which one to choose (and until I have another option for next guardadinha Help Me.) But I chose this because I found it challenging it, see if you agree with me.

Yes, Luna owns that skirt beautiful sheer and want to know how do you use in fall into sameness of look PB. And I think that’s a great question because it’s a complicated pattern to match. And the solution has been to choose a piece of a flat pattern, in this case, black or white. And of course, looks great and is super easy, but, if the US does not vary, just tired of the play too fast, do Lu?

So today we will solve it!

As always, let’s start looking at the bright side. The fact of the skirt be PB help waaaaay. It’s easy to fall into the temptation to keep the look in those colors, black and white match everything. Imagine if you were purple and yellow? Was going to be a little bit more complicated.

So let’s start with the more easy (and, as requested by you, the explanations of the looks now comes before the picture

  1. ALL In The FAMILY

I know, it’s be-a-Bah. But gray is the son of PB, so you want something better than leaving it all in the family? The cool thing is that grey is a super neutral color (and chic that only). So, can you give a whimsical accessories. Another cool thing is that the combination PB + gray is the perfect base for looks that can go overnight with the greatest of ease.

For a simpler look and, like the idea of a little black (or gray, or white) and a handbag stamped (as this kind of camouflaged). or with a gloss finish. At night, just change the Accessories: shoe (or grasshopper) metallic and wallet with glitter texture.

  1. Blue Jeans

Going a little further in our combinations: the jeans. He always saved, isn’t it? Just play a podrinha t-shirt and a denim jacket over that everything is resolved. With the base PB I prefer a darker wash jeans, but since we’re talking about Blue, can you start running more than PB betting in different shades of blue to match the jeans. A pale blue, a social shirt blue bag klein or a eoculos light blue. The cool thing is finding parts in different shades of blue to create contrast between them and give more complexity to the look.

  1. Camel And Its Variations

I’ve declared my love for this color not long ago here on the blog, but I do not tire of repeating. Goes with everything, it’s chic, practical, and … run PB!

The coolest? You can combine both with PB (or black, or white) with accessories in caramel, beige, turtle, donkey color when he runs. Is your criterion.

  1. Pure Vibration

OK, the thing starts to get more complicated, but, as I said at the beginning, we’re there with faith that PB goes with everything. I like the idea of combining PB geometric skirt with tops of solid colors as well via Thedressexplorer, like the vibrant yellowing or azulzão here below. Stay chic and creative, perfect to go out to lunch with friends on a weekend.

And since the look already has enough information, for accessories, especially purse and shoe, I suggest go on PB even. But there is no reason why they have a hump: how the bag stamped or sandal with appliques.

  1. Daring Aware

Finally, the last level of difficulty: pattern with pattern. Yes, it’s more difficult. On the other hand, once you start the test, is addictive (why do you think I stayed up till 5 am?).

If you’re not used to mix, start with the easier: PB with PB. The important thing is to create contrast between the alehouse. As the pattern of the skirt has enough information, I opted for a top with striped print discreet. Oh! And you can play also with accessories, such as with the broad stripes sneaker. The look is all PB, but full of character.

Maaa, if you’re ready to face the maximum level of difficulty, so I suggest a colorful print. Lembando: Contrast. I chose a blue and pink print with a footprint via artsy to contrast with the straight lines of geometric print skirt.

And, as we already have sooo look information, the secret is to keep accessories in the colours of the pictures (in this case, blue, red, black or white).

Luna, I hope I have helped you! And I’m rooting for you to work with your skirt in beautifully colored looks around (and select us in the Calls so we can see how it looks!).

And if you also have some piece that’s stuck in the closet because you don’t know how to use, just post the photo of the queer in Instagram, tag me (@mourajo) and include the hashtag #MeAjudaJojo. And your piece may be the next to gain a lot of cool solutions here!