Manolo on Indie Fashion Fair in Copenhagen

After going through all the booths at the main fair, CPH Vision, we put ourselves in a taxi and go to the considerably smaller Exhibition Gallery. At this trade fair is the only Scandinavian design, and all compulsive and crowds from the main fair is blown away.
At CPH Vision, to dismiss nine of ten booths as either dammontrar or just pure junk. Here at the Gallery, it is certainly very Lady, too, but the Mr collections are really good.

First we visit the Kottpoulsens booth. The brand name is made up of two surnames after a man and a woman in addition to life, also shares a clothing brand.
One half (Poulsen) explained to us that the mark has been absent from the market in two years, after a birth, but that it now kicks off again.
In the picture below you can see Poulsen in one of his suits, which we immediately categorize as the brand’s strongest pieces.
The jacket is fairly regular in the fit while the pants are quite loose in the crotch. The pants are long and down by foot, on the inside, equipped with an elastic band in college materials, to the pants to be long without dragging on the ground. Further Kottpoulsen invited on some knitwear with funny, typical Danish, patterns, and some other odds and ends. But it is because of the costumes you should add the name of the memory.And its price: approx 3300 Swedish kronor.

We move on and look at the Filippa K-Designer Rasmus Wingårdh’s mark Simplicité Compliquée. From the beginning consisted exclusively of brand washed t-shirts in luxurious Egyptian cotton, but has now started to be formed into a complete brand. We saw in addition to t-shirts a rumpled Blazer, black jeans and sweaters. Colour wise, it was black, grey, blue and white. A bit like Filippa k.

Mads Norgaardh next. We see very stuck, very red and a little metal, including a subtle glittery black jacket, whose glitter just gleams in the light of the lamps. We also saw an all-gold sweater. Otherwise, it was mostly quite similar Mads Norgaardh. Any knitted cardigan, a few sweaters with designs, some striped shirts and a couple t-shirts with statements.

We turn around the corner to look at Carin Westers collection. A collection that is very oversized. Large oversized sweaters, big double-breasted cardigans (pictured) and long, large, thick sweaters. But when it comes to shirts (shown) reverses the proportions. Thinner buttondownkragar than Raf Simons companies.
We also saw wool coats, one with attached tie (pictured).

Some väskors attention-grabbing appearance determines our last stop here at the Gallery. The last bag is called mark and has been around a few years here in Denmark. But the man in the booth, who seems to be the person behind the brand, says it now will conquer Europe. The bags, which are made entirely of leather are available in two sizes and five colours. The price will be at approx. 3400 Swedish kronor for the little one and about 3500 kroons for the store.