Makeup Mistakes to Avoid in the Morning: 3 Tips to Run for Cover

Make up too fast that ends with a mess? Three great advice for anyone who’s always in a hurry in the morning and doesn’t have much time to spend in front of the mirror.

Every morning always in a hurry, some of you wear makeup in a very natural right to cover dark circles, others leave home in “SOAP and water” and then make a “restyling” calmly in the Office. You don’t have to be a make-up artist to make your own pleasant image, it takes just the right products and just ten minutes. But sometimes this is not enough, because you make of common errors, probably dictated by the rush, which can spoil the final result. Then beautypically will tell you what are the most typical mistakes that you make in the morning in front of the mirror.

Wrong light makeup

How many times did you make up just fine and then realising that the result, in daylight, is absolutely different from that reflected in the mirror of your bathroom. Awrong lighting influences the way we perceive colors, and can take us or to neglect a stain on the face, or junk to mark over the cheekbones.
Try make up as close as possible to the natural light if possible near a window, or to limit apply blush or powder directly outside the home, maybe in your car while you’re waiting in line at a traffic light. Feel like a splurge, but that’s what moms do that in the morning before going to the Office must also leave their children in different schools.

Don’t overdo the Foundation

In the morning, especially if the night before you did the wee hours, the face can show up in disastrous conditions, not to mention Shiners arriving almost on the nose. In any case do not exaggerate too much with the Foundation, try to “fix” your face as naturally as possible. That’s why we should choose an almost identical to the color of our skin, so as to apply it only on the areas with a few patches. Avoid the effect “mask” because it clutters the skin and returns an unappealing effect.

Natural Eye makeup

We’re getting ready to go to work, so no need for your eyes to be rigged in a whimsical nor excessive. A very natural look, highlighted by a brightening eye shadow, some pencil or eyeliner, can appear deeper than one smokey eyes run to artwork. For the day is better to focus on simplicity, the evening is another story.