Magnetic Makeup for Eyeglass Wearers: a Look Hauntingly Behind the Lenses

Here’s a video for a make-up for eyeglasses (especially black or dark) unique, suitable for everyday and bright. Made with mineral makeup and eco-colored blush, this make-up for lenses is everything to copy!

Today ehealthfacts comes up with a beauty tutorial to give you a hand to find a perfect and beautiful makeup for eyeglass wearers.

Unlike other tutorials, this make-up every day, is made with mineral products, from Foundation to eco-blue which has a fantastic finish blush.

Of course, you can achieve even with normal cosmetics, waterproof or by making small changes based on the shape of your eyes, but always respecting the rules of makeup for eyes close, blue or small. Here’s what you need:

Concealer for dark circles for your skin

  • Blush black or pencil for eyebrows
  • Mineral Foundation
  • Foundation brush and Blush Pink
  • Eco blue blush
  • Angular blush brush to apply the black and blue
  • White perfect day look.
  • Light gold eyeshadow or luminescent powder
  • Taupe eyeshadow
  • Black mascara
  • False eyelashes for your lower eyelid
  • Mineral blush
  • Gloss pink

For the purchase of mineral cosmetics please visit the shop on line Neve cosmetics.

At this point you can follow the step by step videos and if you have trouble with understanding of English, we advise you to turn the volume down and view pictures: it will be a pleasant journey into fabulous and magical make-up!