Luxury bespoke shoes from Berlin: Kirstin Hamilton

Made in Berlin: luxury Damenslipper from Python leather…

They promise individual shoe creations for the carefree appearance. Kirstin Hennemann and Gabriele Braun are surrounded by fabrics, leather and strips in their small factory town on the beautiful Sophie Street in Berlin-Not. You lead a Measure Shoemaker’s workshop in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the capital. Just the other day, a couple in the business had come that wedding shoes make wanted to be. She had can be sure in that she can dance throughout the night. Another customer ordered to Bull Head studded boots. “We believe in individuality. He should also get that imagines the customer”, explains Kirstin Hamilton.

Luxury Bespoke Shoes for Various Occasions

Some people know exactly what he wants. Others are rather uncertain. What follows is an analysis in the consultation on which occasion the customer would like to wear the shoe: during the walk, only in the underground car park, and in the Office, at the walk in the Woods? “At the moment we are working on a very warm winter boot with fur lining, double lining and Gore Tex membrane. Costs 2200 plus 500 for the bars”, Kirstin Hamilton, which previously was the sole owner of the company, but Gabriele Brown wants to get in the future with on Board reported.

Dance Shoe about Business Treads Up Fur Boot

The spectrum of what can be done in the workshop, is broad. It ranges from the tango shoes down to the shoe with cut protection function, which should look but great and one hundred percent fit. First, measure the foot and made an imprint of the foot. Thus, it has the basic form and the sole relief. The whole is then transferred through a wood with a beautiful top form. What exists is a combination of the shoe form, you want to have and own foot shape. Moreover, the Shoemaker work a transparent Plasteprobeschuh. Then the upper part produced, created a catalog of requirements and selected the leather.

Three to Four Months Does the Production of Bespoke Shoes

After three to four months the customer can pick up their individual shoe, resulting in good one and a half weeks of hand work. 300 working hours and several fittings are required, until the product is ready. “The industry needs for eight minutes,” Hamilton. Women and M men get equally comfortable acting workshop. You end up here because their clothing needs are not covered.

How was Kirstin Hamilton Measure shoe Maker

Both women have come in a roundabout way on the shoe. “I then ran through Frankfurt am Main, Germany, studied German and politics and thought at some point, I want to at night can see what I did all day and not just read any texts. I knew is still not what I wanted to do. And I was looking for shoes that fit me and love. I found none and was frustrated. I thought the next morning, then I make them just myself”, Hamilton recalls. What followed was teaching, journeyman, and work at a level Shoemaker in Wiesbaden and at an orthopaedic boot and Shoemaker in Aachen. After their master examination, she moved to Berlin and became independent.

Shoe Architecture in the Heart of Berlin

“I wasn’t so long do this. Namely, I come from a different Division. I have the typical management career behind me. In business consulting for many years, the last 15 years in large DAX companies, responsible for human resources development. I played some time with the idea to do something completely different. So I checked whether I can now learn even the craft at my age as a career changer. One and a half years I now learn the Shoemaker’s craft and work parallel to our market presence”says Gabriele Brown. It makes her really fun to build shoes. To the wooden strips around a structure is created. That’s something architectural.