[look from Mai] Pink Coat-Fofinhooo! -of Shein

Nothing like that Sun delight accompanied by a cool breeze, right? Particularly, I love days like this! Besides, looks half-are the most delicious of produce-short let the legs out and, in counterpoint, covering your arms with a light jacket and comfortable. Love, love!

I used this look for a walk with my boyfriend on the outskirts of the Avenida Paulista – stuffed with an Oreo and chocolate croissant Croasonho, checked the street fairs and so stopped at this beautiful wall on Haddock Lobo to photograph my look a half-season for you. John was my photographer and I thought he did very well in the pictures. Agree?! < 3

How To Use Light Pink Coat

I used my pink coat with a monkey p & b gentle gentle tissue at thedresswizard.com. The cool thing is that this coat is more “long one” and, when closed, it works almost like a dress. Another cute detail is the hood of the jacket that brings more urban air to break the romantic style of this hue of pink. Was super.

Combined production with a pointy black sneaker, but see this very modern look with a casual sneakers or a platform. Who likes high heels can use the monkey and also combining with a coat of pointy pumps or a more delicate sandal.

Where to find parts:

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