LG We Will Teach This Week a Screen 5 Inch Flexible OLED

LG has sent a press release informing about its new 5 inch screen, OLED, which defines as “unbreakable”. In it we are told that they will teach in the 2013 SID (Society for Information Display), an annual event on screens that takes place this week.

The truth is that we have good bit about technical specifications, since we’d like to know your screen resolution, to check on which numbers moves a screen with a certain degree of flexibility, with regard to which we already have on the market.

The way in which LG manages to add flexibility and resistance to its panels is using most of the components in plastic, rather than glass or substrates. LG promises that she will able to work on designs without edges, in fact the prototypes has a frame of only one millimeter. We will have more details during the week.

Mean this announcement that a phone with this screen is close to go to market? LG already said us that you wanted to have it before the end of the year, but the truth is that it sounds rushed, and we already know that the Koreans were delayed (in connection with the advertisement) with other technologies such as double and four-core processors.

SID 2013 event taking place this week in Vancouver, Canada, and the LG is going to teach other products as its curved screen OLED 55 inch, as well as a panel of 14 inches (2.560 x 1.440 pixels), and an Ultra HD panel 23.8 inches for computer monitors. Logically we can also see the work of their competitors.