LG Wants to Be The Main Protagonist of Your CPU

Curious movement of LG. An article in a Korean newspaper says the possibility that LG start to design and manufacture their own processors, a work that so far already carried out major companies like Apple or Samsung.

To do this, LG has managed licensing of ARM Cortex-A15 -already present in certain devices such as the Nexus 10 – which for many are the future of mobile processors in terms of performance. It will be the new generation of Cortex processors that can be found in many devices of the new generation of the year 2013.

In addition to the Cortex-A15, LG has also got licenses to integrate the Mali GPU T604 -also used in the Nexus-10 and others – who has shown a very good performance graphic. It’s a set of completely new CPU-GPU and that just hit the market a few weeks ago, what a great growth is expected in the coming months.

The Korea Times said that its new processor has the name of H13, to be manufactured in factories of TSMC (one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductors in the world) and that will be initially used in televisions: H in Home Entertainment and 13 in the year 2013, the date at which you begin to produce them. However, LG is a brand that encompasses many product categories and We must not rule out its use in other devices as mobile phones, tablets or even laptops.