LG Tries to Overtake Samsung in The Race by Launching The First Flexible Screens

Samsung He showed us a few months ago by what may be able in a few years with their mobile devices thanks to the Samsung YOUM concept, based on possible devices with flexible screens.

It seems to be that in LG (competitor and Korean neighbor of Samsung [here insert reference to Kim Jong – a]) they are somewhat shaken with the news and are recently stepping on the accelerator to advance to Samsung to be the first to launch flexible screens in a final product, as it makes us clear Korea Times.

The Korean newspaper says:

LG has also expanded into flexible screens that you can twist and bend and will be used in the next generation of smartphones and Tablet. In partnership with the Ministry of Finance of Korea, LG aims to launch its first batch of flexible screens at the end of the year, also ahead of Samsung.

Do not know if it is something feasible or has been an attempt at verbal demonstration of power by some person responsible for LG (here insert further reference to Kim Jong – an), although LG you have already taken the lead Samsung in other devices such as the pantalas of TV OLED and displays 4K.

Be real, it is possible that terminals that appear at the end of the year are graced with such screens are the upcoming and rumored LG Optimus G2, or the possible next Nexus, but are assumptions that are part of the network, more unfounded rumor mill.