LG Sold Ten Million Phones Optimus L

LGĀ is one of those big companies in the tech world that hesitated to bet on Android, was in fact more involved initially in the birth of Windows Phone, that in Google’s operating system.

When he realized that Android was the winning horse, at least for Samsung, was late and was relegated to less important places in the ranking of vendors of Smartphones, but that not has deducted will be able to position itself in a short time in the top three. In fact Samsung has already said publicly that LG will be the second company in the industry.

The important step was taken with the LG Optimus L family, which was presented earlier this year at Mobile World Congress. It is true that the company needs to take more seriously some markets, and updates, but the terminals every day are better (in fact, Nexus 4 they made it).

Optimus family, we have all the steps, from the cheapest L3, until Optimus L9, passing through the Optimus L5 and L7. Above them, we have a LG Optimus G, its flagship. The Optimus L are available in 50 markets.

The Korean company has just announced that their Optimus L family has passed the ten million units sold, amount gotten with several items of all prices.

They may seem few to a Samsung Galaxy S3, with 30 million units sold, and in fact, LG believes that it is a modest figure, but they are certainly an important part of the 35 million smart phones that have estimated to sell in 2012.