LG Is Not Working on 5 Nexus, But Does Not Rule out a Future Collaboration with Google

An officer of LG He pointed out that at the moment the company has no plans to create another smartphone the Nexus family in collaboration with Google, something that confirms that the hypothetical Nexus 5 will not be developed by the company.

Won Kim, Vice President of LG Mobile in Europe, indicated that Despite the production problems, Nexus 4 has become a great success. And however, emphasizes, “we don’t need a success of marketing like that again”.
This Executive also said about the Samsung Galaxy S4 with pure Android which was presented at Google I/O, and commented that this approach to devices in collaboration with Google did not provide value in the case of LG.

We have no plans to provide our devices in the way in which Samsung has done. There is no added value for us without the presence of our own additional layers.

These comments make it clear that Nexus 5 of which been talk for months will not be developed by LG, that by the time you prefer to go their own way after the production of a Nexus 4 despite its excellent quality price suffered a serious problem of stock for months.

Even so, another representative of LG in comments clarified to The Next Web, the fact that will not work in theoretical Nexus 5″does not mean that we rule out that possibility”in the future. Interestingly, this announcement comes the same day that has been officially announced the existence of the Nexus 4 white.