LG Enters The Game with Eight-Core Processors Hardware

Possibly Nvidia is having trouble finding partners to install its Tegra products, because some mobile manufacturers are creating their own solutions, regardless of the domino’s Qualcomm.

Huawei and Samsung have them, appear new players like Broadcom, and companies such as LG are working on their own mobile processors. The latter is the reason for our news, since the Koreans are going to become less dependent on this aspect.

LG oven has a hardware solution internally known as Odin, which will feature eight-core processors, number that already plays Korean competition from Samsung and its Exynos 5 Octa.

Although LG has designed it, based on ARM designs, strip of TSMC for the production of such chips. We’ll see how they are used in actual devices in the second half of the year. There is already talk of a future LG Optimus GII.

In the gossip there is already talk that Samsung is having problems with the consumption of its big configuration. LITTLE, in which powerful ARM Cortex-A15 nuclei, would be more expected Wolverines.

You’ll want us to see if LG and TSMC are having problems in the same sense, and end up having trouble to arrive on time. Regardless of the outcome, we know that everyone wants to be independent, and if not, it will always be Qualcomm.