Levi’s 501 Skinny: the Classic Has Got an Update

Levi’s 501 Skinny: Classic cut meets tight leg

No matter how many times magazines have already written the end of the skinny jeans(yes, we also…), no matter how many times percussions, the boyfriend cut or carrot trousers  have already been hailed by bloggers and it-girls as the latest supertrend : The skinny jeans remain the first pants choice for most women.  And that’s why everyone is so happy about this news from Levi’s: With the 501 Skinny, there is now a new pair of jeans that combines the classic look of the 501(including the button-top strip) with a tight-cut leg. The jeans are in the Destroyed-Look, in dark wash, in slightly washed black or in a brighter wash-for men as well as for women, with prices between 110 and 120 Euro.

“It’s all about the fit”, says Levi’s-so it’s about the seat. And the new 501 Skinny should be really good. According to Jonathan Cheung, design director of Levi’s, the new trousers are not a “jegging”, that is, a denim jeans. Opposite Women’s Wear Daily he said the new edition of the pants was not superelastic or stretchy, but simply a slimmed version of the 501 with a somewhat typical, somewhat higher seat in the hip. Even if in recent years trousers with a wider leg, cropped jeans or percussions came into the focus, the skinny jeans could no longer be imagined.”Skinny is virtually the new normal,” says Cheung, editor of thefreegeography. The jeans expert can also explain why the tight-legged pants are so popular, because they can draw attention to their shoes and look great on sneakers as well as on flat sandals or high-heels.

We are definitely pleased with the new, crisp 501!