Largest Dutch Park Offers 1.8 Thousand Bicycles for Shoppers

Fight against physical inactivity ends up being natural in Hoge Veluwe. In all, 77% of the Dutch over 60 ride an average of 15 kilometers per week.

And one of the most remarkable manifestations happened in a square. In the early 1970s, the Dutch demanded more traffic safety, unique bike paths and pedestrian protection.

Since then the cities, the highways and even the woods have been growing along with the bike paths. Even in the national park Hoge Veluwe, the largest in the Netherlands. The park offers 1.8 thousand bicycles for those who want to pedal. With all these options, the fight against sedentarism is natural.

In all, 77% of the Dutch over 60 ride an average of 15 kilometers per week. In cities or in the country, road safety is an invitation for no one to stand still. The guide tells us that the park is like a landscape museum.

It is that most people know the Netherlands by tulips, windmills, canals, but few know that there is a desert landscape in the middle of the water country.

People Of All Ages Pedal In The Largest Green Area Of ​​Amsterdam.

Whether you’re on the sand or in the heart of Amsterdam, on the trails of the Vondelpark, the largest green area in the city. We meet people of all ages. And bikes of all kinds at Campingship!

Reporter Globe:  Can you imagine your life without a bike?
Ana Paula Risson, marketing manager: Not  today. Not today. The bicycle for me makes my life a lot easier. It’s a hand on the wheel itself. Here in Holland is impossible, you can not live without the bicycle.

Ana Paula traded São Paulo for Amsterdam ten years ago. The husband, Dutch, is the one who teaches local customs. They have passed from father to son for generations.The bike, at the front door, the boat, in the backyard. “My children since they were babies went to the boat, the Moses inside the boat, but they always were,” she says.

Boat and bike complement each other. The children already had a taste. And they showed us that the secret is in balance. The first bike has no pedals. When the child is safe, he / she is pedaling steadily.

To grow up healthy and to be a true Dutch, the first step is to learn to walk, bike. Despite the difficulties along the way. Of the falls. This is how it shows the strength of a people that resists and moves on.

Old Customs Are Very Valuable To The Kingdom Of Holland.

On the day of the king the party is of the people in the streets and canals of Amsterdam.And orange is the color of the royal family. That’s why everyone dresses in character.Throughout the country, subjects and visitors celebrate the birthday of King Willem-Alexander.

Last year, Queen Beatrix passed the crown to her son. And the queen’s day became king’s day. The first, since 1890.

The old customs are worth a lot for the Kingdom. In the town of Alkmaar, people come from everywhere, to taste the Dutch cheese.

In the square of weighing, a tradition of more than 400 years. It was carrying the product in barges and exposing in the square that the Dutch negotiated the price of the kilo of the cheese. Each barge usually carries 130 kilos of cheese.