Kostymguide Part 2: Trousers

In our last part of kostymguiden discussed the jacket. No costume, however, is complete without a pair of pants. Here’s why some general advice on what is important to keep in mind when it comes to trousers.

The basis for good fit is how the pants sit at the waist. What is important is the pants are around your waist without assistance from either belt or suspenders. Resting your pants at the hips so are the pants too wide. With the waist is just below the navel and not in the stomach. Compared with a pair of jeans, so is the distance from the pants leg to waist usually higher on a pair of suit pants. Would the pants sit at the hip, it can also be a sign that this distance is too short.

Another important question to consider is how narrow you want your pants. Modern suit pants are usually narrower at the bottom and more stuprörsformade. Suit pants shall, however, provide little room for air and not sit completely glued. It is important to be able to move easily in kostymbyxorna to give a tidy overall impression.

Flat-front or folds?
Today, the most common model is flat front trouser, which is completely smooth on the front without any folds at the waist. Flat front gives a sleeker silhouette and tightens the tummy. For those whose main job is not to do sit-ups can, therefore, a pair of pants with pleats give the belly a aesthetically more favourable terms with better looking cases. However, it is important to fold at the waist is not “open” itself, which should be seen as a sign that the trouser waist is too narrow. Often the pants two pleats on each side to make them extra smooth(the model on the right is flat-front)

In his terms, the kind when the pants are completed with a uppvikning of the hem. It is possible to take advantage of the breadth of the strikes to give the wearer beautiful proportions. A short man can have narrower stroke to give the impression of the trousers are longer, and vice versa for a tall man. Opinions on what kind of model fit trouser is shared.However, it is recommended that for trousers with waist pleats have sort to give a little more weight at the bottom and give the pants a better looking cases. However, for flat fit also beats-front, but if the trousers are very narrow, it is nicer to have a perfectly smooth hem.

Here, too, there is some disagreement. The rule is often said that the pants will end after one quarter of the shoe. U.s. Designer Thom Browne and many with him, however, has been at the forefront of a much shorter legs showing major parts the socks. This is of course a matter of taste, but for long pants is never recommended.