KingSim Mp15 Cell Phone 3 Chips

Chinese gadgets are becoming more complete and surprising. After the handset with 2 chips, handsets have appeared on the market with 3 chips or even more. This is the case with the MP15 TV KingSim Eyo 995, which allows up to 3 chips simultaneously, from different carriers.

KingSim Mp15 Cell Phone 3 Chips

MP15 TV KingSim Eyo 995

It is a cell phone with unlocked TV, and inputs for up to 3 simultaneous SIM chips from up to 3 different carriers. In addition to allowing 3 Sim cards at the same time, this handset has 2.8-inch touchscreen (touchscreen), plays MP3s, video files, has Bluetooth, and receives analog TV signal and FM radio. Supports memory card up to 4GB and connection via WAP 2.0 or GPRS. It is also a front-facing camera for video conferencing, and a 3MP rear-facing photo and video camera.

Is it worth buying a Kingsim MP15?

Unknown branded cell phones , like Chinese ling ling appliances , are only worth it when they are used in an emergency manner. Because it is a cell phone that is not one of the best-known brands, it also does not follow the same quality standards. The price of handsets such as KingSim revolves around 150 reais in virtual stores, making it a popular choice for Christmas gift, or when you need a device to use it for emergencies.

Appliances like this, in addition to having your main items assembled with poor quality parts, usually last very little time. Even the most basic models of big brands last longer. Would investing in 3 chips would not be better invested in a basic handset than a known brand?

In any case still the doubt: is it better a brand cell phone a Chinese or generic cell phone? Leave your opinion.