Jackets Oxford 2.0 Estoril: Eye That Autumn Comes

In a few days we will shelve the summer and little by little we will have to start preparing to Hibernate. But while what we get a messy time in terms of the climate in which we need a multifunction garment as Oxford Estoril jackets that we present below.

Oxford has decided to launch two different versions of his Estoril 2.0 jacket as described in answerresume depending on the area where you live. If we live in the South, we are surely interested the Oxford Estoril 2.0 Air, a garment that we could still consider summer but prepared for the changes of temperature and rain of autumn.

It is thus made in perforated polyester and has protections on shoulders, elbows and back as well as adjustments in wrists, arms and hips to perfectly fit our appearance.

The Oxford Estoril 2.0 Air incorporates a waterproof lining which can be used both on the inside as it is on the outside of the jacket, so we can protect from a sudden descent of temperature or arrival of the water without any problem. This chaquta is available in sizes from S to XL and at a price of 121 euros.

Conversely if we live more to the North, surely let’s see with good eyes the Oxford Estoril 2.0 since it is made from a water resistant fabric and inside has a detachable thermal lining and zipper at the bottom to be able to attach to any trouser Oxford.

There are two versions, the so-called Oxford Estoril 2.0 Black and the fluoride. In the case of the former, it has settings in wrists and arms while the second adds also the forearms and shoulders. In terms of sizes, ranging from the S to the 4XL and even the fluorine reaches the 5XL, thus adapting to almost any biker. The price is 121 euros for the black and 148,49 euros for the fluoride version.