Iphone 7 and Xperia Xz in the Photo-Duel

The Sony Xperia XZ has a powerful camera, just like the iPhone 7 n-tv.de has tried out how to beat both under difficult conditions. Is there a clear winner?

Who is the King of the Smart phone cameras? This title many manufacturers to want to consume, including Sony and Apple. The camera is one of the most important features the Xperia XZ and the iPhone 7-both a Sony Sensor is used, by the way. With the previous model Xperia Z5, still a top ranking in the ranking of DxOMarkmanaged Sony, the XZ has not been tested yet. The iPhone 7 is rated well, butnot the best camera. But those are just numbers-how to beat both devices in the practice? To find out, n-tv.de with the Xperia XZ and the iPhone 7 on a grey weekend took photographs.

Difficult Test Conditions

The test conditions were not ideal-dark rooms, high contrast and gray, wildernesses days cause any Smartphone camera at their borders. But it is so in real life also. For the test therefore all photos from the hand were shot and largely dispensed with presets-the automatic set’s, that she is finally. Only the HDR mode was sometimes on and off. The result may be not be representative, in the assessment of the images is one of the direct visual impression.

So much first of all: there’s not a clear winner. Both the Xperia XZ and the iPhone 7 have strengths and weaknesses. What is striking is: what appears to be still very passable on the Smartphone display, can prove to be on the PC screen as a flop – vice versa, the same applies.The greatest strength of the Xperia XZ is the high resolution, the biggest advantage of iPhone 7 is the optical image stabilizer (OIS).

High Resolution Vs. OIS

The 23 mega pixel-snapping of the XZ pays itself especially when it comes to the appearance of fine detail. Digital Zoom extra Megapixels are also worth much because the image is then less mushy. The direct visual comparison shows that Sony’s Smartphone can better illustrate details. In dark scenes, the XZ has more reserves, exposed slightly brighter images, and brings out more sinister motives.

Here the optical image stabilizer of the iPhone 7 pays but: enter during the test shots from the hand with the iPhone basically the sharper photos via Percomputer.com. Here also the slightly faster autofocus and the larger aperture (f/1.8 on the iPhone, f/2.0 at the Xperia), which also helps to keep the ISO values were helpful. Striking: The iPhone comes with lighting situations, where a light color prevails, not so well clear as the Sony mobile.

Aside from the image quality, which is more or less equal under good conditions, there are differences in how the software processes the signals, which take on the sensor. Sony’s mobile overdo it sometimes with the blur, to avoid noise when bad light–are the flip side of reverse matschte details. The iPhone has fewer megapixels, but balanced represents details for this. When the white balance, the Sony mobile tends to warmer colors, the photos of the iPhone work with artificial light slightly cooler.

Software Tools

The digital image stabiliser for the Xperia XZ can score during video filming, he corrects shaky shots better than the iPhone with his also powerful optical image stabilizer. Front – and rear-view camera have a slightly larger recording angle when the XZ and absorb some more of the environment at the same distance. The difference in the Frontknipse is particularly evident.

The software of the iPhone 7 the HDR mode is tidier, always right at hand.Those looking for more features, recording modes, manual settings, augmented-reality effects and software tools, needs access to the XZ. The first somewhat confusing app is packed with useful and redundant features, and gradually open up the user. Who is going on a tour of discovery, discovered a new favorite function perhaps-especially in the “creative effects” hide nice extras, which invite you to experiment.