TEST: do you have an iPad, then you should buy the iPad Air. Do you have another tablet, so shift. Have you no so buy iPad Air!

Back in 2010 did I do not know what the iPad was going to do well. Today, like so many others, I must admit that Apple came out with a product that created a new demand for millions of users.

Today is the status that research firm Gartner expects tablet growth in world at 53.4 percent, corresponding to a total sales of 184 million units in 2013. Gartner expects as early as next year with over 263 million sold tablets.

Of course, most Android-based tablets sold there, since the level of prices on these are smaller, and the number of variations is greater. A user study from the United States shows that of the total use of tablets, the iPad sits at 80 percent.

Since the first iPad came in 2010, Apple has sold over 170 million units worldwide, and new editions continue to be purchased like hotcakes.

Innovative design

Design trend for display devices have two branches, which also occur in combinations. The screens will be larger, and the edge around them becomes progressively less. Particularly on flat screens for the home is this development very clear.

A modern 46 “TV from Samsung has a thinner border around the screen, than there is on the iPad Air, although this is also minimized.

The edge is on the iPad Air, compared with fourth-generation iPad, been significantly less. In addition, iPad Air 28 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner. In total volume of product lost it has 24 percent, which clearly felt when the two generations is held in the hand.

I have shown iPad Air for some pieces during the test. All have come to the conclusion that only the design portion, is there reason to upgrade the old model. It is possible that conclusion is not rational, but we cannot avoid the fact that iPad Air is Apple’s best iPad-design to date.

I dare furs, and touting iPad Air, to have tablet-the category’s best design. It is simply just so delicious.

Very powerful hardware

The hardware is also upgraded in iPad Air. The new 64-bit processor chip provides solely on graphics A7 portion twice as powerful performance, compared to fourth generation iPad.

A7 supports OpenGL ES version 3.0, and opens for Visual effects in URf.eks. games that are usually only reserved for games consoles and computers.

In the daily, the mark A7 by faster startup of applications and games, but only the big and powerful apps. On ordinary things like Spotify and the Safari browser, there is no noticeable change. A game like Infinity Blade 3, which is the iPad on the other hand, significantly faster, optimized Open Air.

Apple has also released an updated iMovie application that benefits from the extra forces, particularly when one’s projects to export. I have also been demonstrated AutoCad drawings on the iPad Air, and here we surprised of how much power that are stored in the small machine.

I think only, we have seen the beginning of what the iPad Air actually manages to be used for. Now, the software developers just discern the capabilities of the hardware, and I’m reasonably sure that we will see very exciting solutions. Here, it will be interesting how special graphics details will be utilized.

As in iPhone 5S also iPad Air M7 co processor that takes care of calculations of motion data from the device’s various hardware sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. Typically, such calculations performed by the main processor, and M7 means lower power consumption on applications that leverage data from these sensors.

The screen remains 9.7 “and the resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels on the usual lines with a PPI on 264, so here there is still no upgrade in comparison to the” old “iPad.

There have been additional time in Wi-Fi portion. Apple’s tablet has dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with speeds up to 300 Mbps, so theoretically double speed of what the previous generation iPad could deliver.In practice, however, it is difficult to feel the difference.

Do you buy the version with room for SIM card, you don’t need to worry about 4 g LTE frequencies. Apple puts the discussion of LTE in the grave, by introducing the entire 14 LTE spectrum bands in iPad Air.

Improved camera

It should be forbidden to take photos with an iPad public places. It looks wildly foolish when people running around and taking pictures with a tablet. Nevertheless, we are seeing probably more of it, since Apple has put up a better camera in.

The lens is made up of five elements and the resolution is 5 megapixels with support for HDR. There are no Burst mode, as in iPhone 5S, but there can still be taken pictures pretty quickly one after the other.

Front camera has 1.2 megapixels, with the option of 720 p video quality when video calling via URf.eks.FaceTime. The common video recorder shoots in 1080 p HD quality.

Video and image quality is actually pretty good, but again, it doesn’t take vacation pictures with an iPad or any other tablet.

Big news in software

iPad Air running on operating system iOS 7 quite like the new iPhones. Compared to iOS 6 is the icons less bulging and they now lie flat with the user interface. The colors have been given an extra boost, while a number of built-in standardapps either have new features or are complete re-designed. This applies, among other things, the calendar has day, week, month and yearly view.

Also notification centre in topgardinet is looks different, and the new bottom menu now represents a control center, which among other things gives one-click access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Apple has also created a new pricing structure, where the iLife suite with iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband are made available free of charge. The same goes for iWork programs Pages, Numbers and Keynote, which we no longer have to pay for. All kontorapps have got a pretty big overhaul on the design.

If you have both an iPhone and iPad, you’ll be able to use the AirDrop to move files from one to another device. I have, for example, recorded video with iPhone 5S, and subsequently transferred the files to iPad Air, where they have been edited in iMovie.

A nifty feature is the ability to put a video project in iMovie Theater, which makes it possible to see the finished result in the corresponding application on your Apple TV.

Overall, the App Store now contains over 475,000 applications that are tailored to the iPad.

Long battery life

The battery in the iPad Air has fairly many hours of operation, up to 10 hours of use, Apple promises.Actually keeps iPad Air, just so long as the fourth generation, which is due to the more power-efficient processor chip as well as iOS 7 A7, which utilizes flow better than the previous version.

iPad 2 have a battery on 6,930 mAh, while iPad 3 and 4 lay on 11,560 mAh, and despite strenuous searches on Google, it’s not managed to identify the capacity of the battery in the iPad Air.

From my usage, which is very mixed, I experience the iPad Air keeps sane, but I put the typical anyway to load in the evening, if I have used it much during the day.

New protection for iPad

With an iPad Air in your hand you can throw old covers off, as the form factor of the new product is totally different. Thus, it is also a Hello to an extra expense, in addition to the product.

There has come an iPad Smart Case, which is a complete cover, that covers both the back and the front, with the ability to fold the screen protective part on to a support, so the iPad can put obliquely or stand up.

The cover is soft and delicious, and made of leather.

If you only want the protection of the screen, is the iPad Smart Cover which you should invest in. Features are the same as in the Smart Case.

Both types of covers come in a variety of different colors.

Smart Case costs 599 dollars while Smart Cover is for 299 dollars.

iPad Mini or iPad Air?

Before you tear out and buy an iPad Mini with Retina Display because you think iPad Air is too large, so keep right inside for a moment.

After the huge diet, is the large iPad started to remind pretty much about the iPad Mini. At first glance many exclaims “it’s iPad Mini” when they get Air in her hand.

In other words, visit a store and feel the products up against each other before you decide.

After the introduction of the iPad Mini with Retina display is the choice, however, was more nuanced, since the hardware of the two products are largely similar. Only the screen is changed. So now is a small iPad no longer small inside.

Both products come with 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB of memory.

Conclusion: Air flies into the future

It found piles of tablets on the market, but in ease of use, design and app-selection, beats no Apple’s iPad.

iPad Air is the best tablet design to date, and its forces are sending it on a flight into the future. Yet I cannot help but wonder that Apple has omitted the fingerprint reader Touch ID.

I have not until now experienced a tablet talk so much to me, as is the case with Air, which I am absolutely thrilled.

No doubt. Top rated 6 out of 6 stars.


iPad Air-the Only Tablet You Need (Product Tests)
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