IOS 7-Error Can Grant Access without on Lock Screen

A bug in Apple’s new operating system iOS 7, provide access to images and other personal things outside on the lock screen.

A few days ago Apple has released their newest operating system iOS 7, but already has been discovered a flaw that allows access to devices with iOS 7 without on the lock screen, writes our site.

The error is opdatet by Jose Rodriguez, who has previously demonstrated flaws in iOS and iOS 7 beta 6. This time, Rodriguez discovered a flaw that makes intruders able to treat the lock screen, and easily gain access to parts of the device.

Access to the device goes through what is known as the “control center”, which through the lock screen can be dragged up from the bottom.

Here opens alarm clock/alarm, after which the standby button is activated. When the device asks whether it should close down, press Cancel, and double click on the Home button.

Now obtained multitask menu and thus access to pictures and sharing through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Apple should be familiar with the error and probably with a fix as soon as possible.

Until a patch is released, you can even avoid similar by disabling the “Access from the locked screen” under the settings for the control center.