December is the month in which Yoigo compliance years and his advisor celegado, Johan Andsjö, He has been answering questions in a video chat for the ABC newspaper which we will summarize here but not before thank your participation in this type of meetings before the risk to receive harsh criticism from less satisfied users.

Yoigo It is the fourth operator with its own network in Spain and belongs to the Group TeliaSonera which ensures receive much help and lots of freedom. Already they have 1.3 million customers, covering 60% of the population with 3,100 antennas Add 11,000 antennas of the agreement they have with Movistar to all Spain.

In these three years have managed to do with a 2.5% of the market and continue to grow faster than any other operator, albeit probably not for its low-cost philosophy if not that I imagine you will also have something to do with having a higher percentage of market capture.

Currently are focused mainly to private customers though they are also open to companies and they continue to be a simple operator and without small print with three voice rates designed so everyone can save, two rates of internet to go and a latest rate of 1.20 euros a day to navigate on your mobile, thus covering all fronts.

Criticism of the new rate of 6 with a consumer something raised against other carriers that already offer by that cost “flat rate”, says that for the moment they don’t want to get a rate flat because to minimize the risk they would have put a lot of small letters or many restrictions and that it is not the style of Yoigo.

Johan says that they are more interested in having the best services before more advanced handsets and to continue “leading” a price war, at the moment they don’t want to launch little defendants such as video calls and Blackberry services.

By its simplicity not be launched promotions in the face of Christmas, although on December 10 will start the second generation of advertising which ensures that we love.

As for the future, he says will focus much on Internet the coming year although it cannot say anything more at the moment. In the long run they will try to become the third operator in Spain three years!

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