Inspired Decor in Paris–the Most Romantic City

People, was already planning this post was actually to have done last week, but the week was so full that I couldn’t. And at the end of the week tragedy strikes in Paris, is very sad to know that people do believe in… whatever. But anyway, I had already programmed so let’s continue with the programming. I showed the other day decoration inspired by London, and today I will be talking about in Paris-inspired décor.

What’s in your head when you think of Paris? Let the incident that happened and think about what the city really represents. When I think of Paris, I also believe in romance, in the Tower, and I remember the movie “letters to Juliet”, but for you can be quite different, especially if you have visited the city.

I think your decoration inspired in Paris must be represented by that remember when in the city. I asked my sister three things that comes in her head when she’s thinking of Paris, she said “the Tower lights and the bridge of locks (Pont des Arts)”. Is that where you must leave your inspiration. So let’s decorate?

First I will show you how you can decorate your room with the three things I thought, then with the three things my sister did. So you will have an idea and you will be able to do the decoration inspired by Paris of your way.

Decoration Inspired By Paris-Romance, Tower And Film

You can decorate any room of your home if inspired in Paris, anywhere really, but everything will depend on your taste and style. To represent romance you can use colors, red and pink, noting that rose can also be worn by men, saw boys? (I made a post about Pink decor here).White is also pretty cool used with these colors, and of course you do not need to use the red and pink, it’s just an option.

Looks like this pink looks good with white in this environment and it was super romantic. I can see a sticker of the Tower around

To represent the tower you’ll use he same as a decoration inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But she can be of various shapes, may be small in the table, can be a sticker on the wall via neovideogames, can be in print pillow, a lamp, a picture, anyway, depends on your creativity.

Now the movie, the film that speaks of letters and commented Juliet, that’s more difficult, but not impossible, googled images of the film and what I saw?This image …

After I saw this image think of that? Pinboard, look at all the possibilities.

Liked it? I love rs you can use these things in various environments, Office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, in all of these places three things are going to be pretty cool.

Tower, Lights, Locks–The Eyes Of Rebecca

The first thing I thought was Rebecca in the Eiffel Tower, I said the possibilities here, but we will see two more.

And the lights? I loved when she spoke lights, the Eiffel Tower is always lit, you can use a lot of Christmas lights to decorate your environment, I’ve even talked about ithere. Let’s see some inspirations:

And you can’t forget the ambient lighting, use a lamp just give that “TA”, and floor lamps, lamp, if any, good do it using your creativity.

Finally the lock, how to represent a padlock and a bridge in decorating? You can use shelves that will “represent” the bridge and place the lock, keys.

Want to know what you think when you remember Paris.I hope you enjoyed and inspired, now it’s your turn to make a decoration inspired by Paris.