Infography: Choose Your White Shirt Based On The Context

Before I start this article, I apologize once again for the somewhat reduced frequency of articles at the moment.

This article will address a subject not very evoked on the blogs of masculine fashion: the white shirt as described in simple clothes, its variations and the context that corresponds to them.

Four contexts will be evoked: casual evenings and dates, weddings, interviews and finally work. For each of them, we will talk about the cut, the finishes, the proportions and the fabric to choose.

Introduction: The White Shirt, Many Variations Thanks To The Cuts, Finishes And Fabrics.

The simple shirt is a bit the essential garment to have. But there are more declensions than one thinks, which are in fact very different. Each context has its white shirt: this is analyzed in terms of finishes, cut and materials.

Here is a brief overview of what we can find (the guide is drawn and translated from the Debenhams website)

For easy reading, you can find in computer graphics all that is written on this article, and vice versa. Feel free to share the image.

Complete Computer Graphics: How To Choose Your White Shirt According To Its Environment

Dress For A Casual Evening And For A Date: The Interest Of The Oxford Shirt

Do not seem to be overdoing it: the idea is above all not to seem to have thought too long or to have made too much effort.

The ideal white shirt must have style to stand out, and without being too formal.
A good idea may be to take a white shirt with buttoned collar, without wearing a tie with, and without ever unbuttoning your buttons.

Obviously, choose a long sleeve, (which you will roll up at the worst) and with simple wrists, which remain the most relaxed.
You also do not want a shirt that looks too casual: take a sober and stripped model, avoiding any shoulder pads or pockets.
Oxford is an ideal choice, halfway between the formal cotton poplin and the rougher and roughest chambray.
The Maison Standard brand offers precisely accessible models.

Oxford is one of the most popular fabrics, thanks to an ideal blend of softness and durability.
On closer inspection, the weaving of oxford resembles a basket of wicker, with the threads crossing one another.
Declines exist for Oxford: the Oxford Pinpoint, which uses a finer thread, and the Royal Oxford, which is used on formal shirts.
It is found especially on models of Turnbull and Asser.

How To Dress For A Wedding: A Timeless But Sophisticated White Shirt

At a wedding, you need a shirt at once sober, elegant and sophisticated. And yet, it must also be timeless because the ideal is to be able to wear this shirt, even after the wedding.

The Italian collar is the most versatile: it is the one that is worn with the most knots of different ties. You will not necessarily have to use it only for weddings and you will be able to adapt your shirt to other occasions by wearing a different knot.
The ideal is to wear a fine tie and discrete cufflinks. Be nevertheless vigilant on the width of the tie and be sure it is proportionate to the collar and therefore the width of your face.

Finally choose a slim cut and a simple formal cotton poplin.

Reminder: A Cotton Poplin Shirt

Cotton poplin is an ideal summer factory because it is made entirely of cotton, with a soft and comfortable feel. It falls well on the body and in spite of a horizontal seam, in the end the final result is soft and united.
This weaving has the advantage of being able to iron more easily thanks to a fine wire.

How To Dress Up For A Job Interview

We are looking for a shirt that combines both sophistication and formalism. Opt for versatility with an Italian collar at the middle pitch, to choose from a maximum of different types of nodes.

Musketeer cuffs and cufflinks are an essential aspect of formal wear, but you should avoid looking too extravagant and pretentious. The same goes for the tie, opt for a sober silk tie and a simple bow.

Reminder: Herringbone Weaving, An Original Choice That Will Change From Cotton Poplin

A twill is largely highlighted by a plain color, and is therefore a perfect choice on a white shirt. The seams have a small zig zag effect. Attention by cons: this weave lets less air and therefore takes hotter in summer. It is a good intermediate between cotton poplin and oxford.

The White Shirt At Work

It must be sober and elegant, be comfortable enough to wear it all day long and resistant enough to withstand many washes.

The cotton twill is a fabric that meets all of these requirements: it is lightweight but also durable and does not get dirty easily. A classic cut, fitted and not too close to the body, with a “wrist turnback” gives you enough freedom to stay in motion and roll up your sleeves when it gets warmer and warmer.

The French collar, with longer and closer sides, is versatile: it is worn both with a suit and a tie but also with the collar open for evenings afterwork more relaxed

Reminder: The Twill, An Intermediate Material Between Oxford And Cotton Poplin

It is a mixture of vertical and horizontal wires that creates a diagonal texture across the entire shirt. It is much more enhanced with a smooth texture. This type of weave is more durable and does not get dirty easily, while being lighter than an oxford weave.