Indicates a Pokeparade with a Decorative Vinyl Poster

Who has not heard of Pokemon Go at this point? A few days ago started the new video game of Nintendo that is causing a furor among the younger (and also among the not so young).

Indicates a Pokeparade with a Decorative Vinyl Poster

Points of interest like Pokeparadas with posters of Pokemon Go

The game takes advantage of the capabilities of smartphones to take players out into the street and fight to get the most Pokemon , control Pokemon gyms, frequent Pokeparadas … This has meant a real revolution in the way the Players have fun, changing from traditionally sedentary habits to a frantic activity that makes them travel great distances in search of precious resources.

And it is here where establishments of all types want to have a certain presence, exploiting as far as possible their proximity to gyms, Pokeparadas, etc. Even large chains like McDonalds want to include their establishments on the Pokeparadas list to attract players to their restaurants. And it seems that the figures that moves the newly released game are juicy. Restaurants at the Long Island pizza bar L’inizio Pizza Bar confirm that they have increased their turnover by 75% over the weekend by activating the “decoy module” feature that attracts virtual Pok√©mon to their trade, To the dedicated players to his restaurant.

Even in the field of real estate are exploiting the possibilities that Pokemon Go offers by incorporating data about Pokeparadas, proximity to Pokemon gyms etc.Of the properties for sale, as an additional advantage to the traditional ones: proximity to transport networks, schools, shops…

So if you want to indicate in your establishment any nearby points of interest regarding Pokemon Go, we propose a series of Pokemon Go posters in decorative vinyl format so you do not miss any opportunity.You all have them at

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