iG was Sold to Portuguese Group Said Site

You well know that the iG portal is on sale a few months ago following information initially provided by the magazine Info. And it seems that even this week, we have confirmation that the number five in the Brazilian internet actually been absorbed by another company – in this case, the Portuguese group Ongoing, says the site AdNews.

Perhaps not everyone knows the Ongoing group. Among other projects, currently they touch the Rio newspaper O Dia, one of the most traditional of my hometown and the Economic Brazil, a daily business that was created for them and seems to give good signs of financial health (at least this it was the last update I had on the subject).

Curiously or not, both Day as Economic Brazil are hosted by iG.

The information came from the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, a company that is part of Grupo Folha, the same group that the UOL portal (iG competitor’s) part. Hence we have some conflict of interest, so it is important to highlight this complicated relationship as soon as possible. Similarly, the AdNews is the same site that recently said the portal would R7 bad shape and would be closed. Not only the news was not confirmed, as the Record group, owner of R7, says it will to justice seek redress of slanderous and untruthful information (according to the group).

Among those interested in taking iG were RBS, the Rio Grande do Sul group, and BTG Pactual. The Hi sell to any of these, since it came at a good price, which was only possible thanks to the appetite of the Portuguese, reports the AdNews.

I talked with Hi about it. Company response: “. Do not confirm anything” Also do not comment about iG be sold or if there is any news this week to present “news”. In other words, no words even.

Recently Ibope / Nielsen reported that iG lost the fourth place in the ranking of Brazilian portals for R7. Remains in fifth place with 23.4 million unique visitors per month. The UOL continues to lead.