Humble Mobile Bundle Te Brings 12 Strategy Games for Very Little Money

Is here Edition of Humble Mobile Bundle, a collection of games where you can pay whatever you want – with certain conditions – and get several sets of payment with a huge discount while you collaborate with charitable causes.

This time it’s a thematic package of strategy games. It’s titles known as EPIC War TD, MechCom, Age of Civilizations and Battle for the Galaxy, Kingdom Rush, Hero Generations, Guild of Dungeoneering y Worms 4. On this occasion the games are divided according to whether have donated dollar 1, $ 3 or more for $5.

If you pay more than one dollar

The least you can pay for this Humble Mobile Bundle is $ 1 and give you access to five games: EPIC War TD2, Mechcom I, Mechcom II, Age of Civilizations and Battle for the Galaxy:

  • EPIC War TD: (video above) It’s a war strategy game in real time with some very remarkable graphics and futuristic setting. Your price on Google Play is 3.39 euros.
  • Mechcom I and II: also war strategy futuristic EPIC War TD, but with cartoon-style graphics. In this case it’s two games, Mechcom, and Mechcom 2, valued each at 1.19 euros in Google Play.
  • Age of Civilizations: dominate the world in this game of strategy type RISK, not associated with Microsoft. 1.89 euros it costs Google Play, but you can try the Lite version which is free.
  • Battle for the Galaxy: futuristic war game with very remarkable graphics that you can is Freemium. In this Humble Bundle 5 integrated shopping dollars are you.

If you pay three dollars or more

If you pay three dollars or more you will get all the previous games as well as Anomaly Defenders, Anomaly 2, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Kingdom Rush Origins and Hero Generations.

  • Anomaly Defenders + 2 Anomaly: (video above) It’s two futuristic Tower Defense games, available both in Google Play for 4.99 Euro each.
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers + Origins: Once again, it’s two sets of the same Tower Defense game franchise. Kingdom Rush Frontiers has a regular price in Google Play 2.29 euros (now reduced temporarily to 0.10 euros) and Kingdom Rush Origins of 3.49 euros.
  • Hero Generations: one of the more peculiar games of this Humble Bundle that combines strategy with Roguelike where each turn is equivalent to a year in the life of the protagonist. Is priced in Google Play 5,49 EUR.

If you pay $5 or more

With a payment of five dollars or more you will do with the entire contents of this package of games, including all the previous games, soundtracks of some games and two heavyweights: Guild of Dungeoneering and Worms 4.

  • Worms 4: This game hardly needs an introduction. Starring worms armed to the teeth, your goal is to destroy the opposing team by any means necessary. In Google Play price is 4.99 EUR.
  • Guild of Dungeoneering: the list of games closes with this original RPG by shifts in which in time to control the hero, you must build the Dungeon and expected to be strong enough to complete the challenge. Is priced in Google Play 5,49 EUR.