Humble Mobile Bundle Fills Your Adventure Games Android for Very Little Money

The new edition of Humble Mobile Bundle, package of games of payment for Android that you can get is here for a ridiculous price, While you also collaborate with charitable causes. On this occasion the package receives the surname of Great Adventures, great adventures, including at the moment eight adventure games.

If you are wishing to fill your mobile adventure games, don’t miss this Humble Mobile Bundle, which comes loaded with well-known titles like Grim Fandango Remastered, Machinarium, Lumino City or Samorost 3.

If you pay a dollar…

Any donation of a dollar or more you will get home three titles valued at about 16 euros: Grim Fandango Remastered, Kathy Rain and Machinarium.

  • Grim Fandango Remastered (video above) is the remastered of the legendary adventure game from Lucas Art originally published version on PC in 1998. Is priced in Google Play 5,49 EUR.
  • Kathy Rain It is an adventure game to the old fashioned with aesthetic pixel art in which you will have to investigate the mysterious death of the protagonist’s grandfather. Is priced in Google Play 5,49 EUR.
  • Machinarium It is one of the most popular graphic adventures of “recent” creation in which you take control of a robot and solving all kinds of puzzles. In Google Play price is 4.99 EUR.

If you pay $4 or more…

The contributions over four dollars will be the three previous games and three other top rated at about 15 euros: Her Story, Sorcery 4 and Burly Men at Sea.

  • Her Story (video above) is a peculiar game of mystery where you will have to examine the evidence, view recordings and search in the database to resolve the mystery surrounding its protagonist. Your price on Google Play is 4.49 euros.
  • Sorcery 4 It is a game of RPG and strategy with medieval atmosphere with a unique look. The price on Google Play is 5,50 euro.
  • Burly Men at Sea It is a curious game in which three bearded fishermen embark on the adventure. Is priced in Google Play 5,49 EUR.

If you pay more than 6 dollars…

For two dollars more than in the previous section, you get all the content of this package. I.e., the six previous games and two more: Lumino City and Samorost 3.

  • Lumino City (video above) is a super graphic point-and-click adventure created by hand with paper, cardboard, miniature lights and engines. Is priced in Google Play 5,49 EUR.
  • Samorost 3, from the same creators of Machinarium, also in this package, is another great adventure filled with challenges and puzzles where you will take control of a spatial GNOME. In Google Play price is 4.99 EUR.