How to View the Partial Balance and the Hi Account on Android

Recently I changed my Hi Company for a Hi Account in the Plan Speak at Will. It was very complicated and expensive to migrate the same number of Oi Company to Hi Physical Person so I decided to take another number and forget any idea of ​​portability. I already knew all the problems of the Oi operator, especially regarding the poor service, but the possibility of making unlimited calls to Oi’s cell phones is a great advantage for me.

How to View the Partial Balance and the Hi Account on Android

The plan on which I signed up gives me a 60-minute-a-month deductible to call any local number at an exorbitant cost of $ 0.95 cents a minute, even for Oi. After spending the deductible, calls to other carriers continue to cost $ 0.95 per minute, but calls to Oi and landlines of the same DDD are unlimited.

Then the customer’s first need arises: how much have I spent on my franchise? Are my links already unlimited or am I still spending the franchise?

Knowing this information on Hi is a birth!

I called first on * 144 and a clerk full of gerunds told me that “it was for me to be entering the portal Hi on the Internet and accessing the partial balance option.” I said I was doing it at that time and that there was no partial balance option from the Hi Account Account on the portal! She asked to wait while she checked the system and hung up the call.

Since I was on Oi’s website, I tried the chat they offer there. The chat is a copy of * 144. The difference is that the attendants type the standard messages instead of talking. I did not get any answers that were not automatic, and after all the clerk told me to call at * 144. Ohh God!

I called again to see if I was lucky as an attendant this time. A guy answers me in the same style as always and says that I should see the partial balance on my device through the Menu Hi -> Services Hi -> Partial balance. I told him that there was no such “Hello Menu” I had my smartphone. I asked if it was an app I could download. I realized that he has no idea what an app is and even told me that I should call the manufacturer or take the phone in for technical assistance to resolve. Imagine if I’m going to call Motorola and say that there is no “Hi Menu” on my phone!

I got tired of the antics and went searching on my cell phone and on the internet for more information. I found an app on the phone called “SIM Toolkit” and when I opened the top menu it shows World Hi. I tried to follow the options passed by * 144 and they did not exist. Using the “SIM Toolkit”, you can see the partial balance in Services Hi -> Hi Account -> Balance .

I tried several times during the day but most of the time it was off the air. I went in at dawn and I could see the balance. It takes about 20 seconds to appear how much has already been used in the SMS franchise and minutes of calls, and even more comes with a delay of 6 days. You only get to know how much your franchise was 6 days ago, which is basically useless if you want to have a tougher spending control.