How Many 4 Nexus Made LG? Is Estimated That 370,000

When Google He announced the Nexus 4 the uproar was highest. A smartphone of high, free range, that started from a ridiculous price in comparison with other competitors: 300 euros. All this with the guarantee of being the first to receive updates.

Such was his success that day that was on sale was a real logistical disaster: requests that failed, Google Play saturated. For many, it was frustrating, with reason, and with this problem on the table everything pointed to a question: How many Nexus 4 had LG manufactured?

Officially the Korean company It has not confirmed any number to the present day. However, a group of holders of the Nexus 4 has made research to make an estimate of how many smartphones have been manufactured.

The process is simple and is based on dissection of information elicited through the IMEI of the phone. Starting from this base, and thanks to the cooperation of other holders of the phone, have come to a series of approaches that, although it must be taken with care, nor should we underestimate.

Deductions mean 70,000 units in October, 90,000 in November and finally 210,000 in December. What leaves us a total of 370,000. A figure rather conservative if we take into account the strong demand that has had.

Remember, as I mentioned, that’s just so far and estimates Neither Google nor LG have confirmed or denied these figures. In any case, let’s hope both they serve to learn and that for the next they can better meet the demand.