Homemade Toy Roll of Toilet Paper to Her Pokemon

My son, who I call affectionately of Pocoyo, was always of type agitadão, who loves to run around, create many stories of imagination and little stands still, concentrating on an activity. But this was never a problem around here. I learned very early that concentration, patience and perseverance when they come accompanied by interest is “potato” for any child.

What does that mean? Simple! Choose a theme that your child likes and create activities and games that promote the concentration and patience related to this theme. For example, Paste figurines, assemble puzzle themed or draw a comic strip. The other day, the amazing 90 minutes passed in the Pocoyo bedroom after dinner (or eat dessert) organizing your Pokemon cards in an album, divided by class, color, strength and everything else. I thought as much, by time and by his determination to organise a hundred letters.

All this talk about the post today that United a theme that my three kids like-because the girls also enjoy the critters sense – and an art activity very easy to create with one of the simplest and most versatile materials that I know:roll of toilet paper.

I’ll repeat again because I honestly think if I can play a game that involves artistic production with the kids, anyone can lol. As my talent for crafts is average, I usually pick activities that have a visual cool, with some joke involved and that has no steps to get ready 697. In this case, the material I used was:

Empty toilet paper roll

Paints in the colors of the Pokemons chosen (in my case I used pure yellow, blue and red and red and green). Still speaking of paint, whether their children can already work with acrylic or craft paint, the finish will be best. But if they are small, better opt for gouache and ink give two or three coats of paint on paper rolls.


White glue or silicone glue

Card paper in colors of the Pokemon you choose for the details. I used black, blue, red and Brown

Pokemón! I have to get

The step by step at Pokemón is in these videos below of Easy Kids Craft. Generally speaking is to paint the roll with the chosen color

Detail:for a super Pocoyo focused on an activity of patience!

Draw and cut the Pokemón details

Paste all and wait to dry. There you go!!! Look how cute were our Eevee (the little Fox), Gengar (the monster greyish-violet) and the Pichu (Yes, it’s not Pikachu. You can ask for their children).

And this week has been a joke just with many stories with my Pokemon trainers here at home! And we’re always here posting jokes, homemade toys and artistic activities to spend time with incredible with their children. Not to miss anything, subscribe to our Newsletter. It’s free and you will receive our news weekly by e-mail.