Have Sold More Than One Million 4 Nexus, According to XDA Developers

Last month the specialized forum XDA Developers people were showing a method for estimating the production of the 4 Nexus based on your IMEI number and a LG tool. According to him, at the end of December LG would have produced for Google about 400,000 units of the desired model.

Now, according to the same methodology, they tell us that Nexus 4 would have passed one million devices on the market. You already know that Google does not report sales, for now, and also declines to comment regarding what others estimate.

In the post from XDA Developers, they show a Nexus 4 numbered as 999.998 produced phone. A black phone apparently sold in Turkey and manufactured on February 5. The strange thing is that Google Play offers the phone in that country.

The XDA method

By placing the IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) of a LG phone at the end of the address of this link, the site returns more information over the phone. We are going to see it better with an example:

“LGE960 ACAGBK 212KPHG188745 GLOBAL/GLOBAL 20121206 N N”

  • LGE960 = model
  • A = ?
  • CA = country
  • G = capacity (G = 16GB, 8 = 8 GB)
  • BK = Color
  • 2 = ?
  • 12 = production month (November)
  • K = country of production (Korea)
  • PHG =?
  • 188745 = identifier that reports the number that deals with the production line. It would be the phone number 188.745
  • 20121206 = the date of production (format YYYYMMDD)

The Turkish model to which we refer, returned the following information: ATURBK 302KPSL999998 20130205 TURKEY. It is easy to think that there will be more selling phones, and therefore is not crazy the estimation of the guys at XDA.

Nexus 4, surpassing one million with many problems

The Nexus 4 LG and Google began selling in November, with a price closer to the mid-range into a next-generation phone. With the only drawback (for some markets) do not have LTE connectivity. Neither did much to not expand the internal memory of the phone.

If the figures are correct, selling one million units in that period of time is not bad, taking into account the problems of distribution and the time in which there has been no stock (really has been available about two months, and not at all sites, in Spain we could say that hours).

It seems that starting this month it will normalize the stock and it will be easier to get it, recently was several hours available. Google Play offers the phone in seven markets: Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, United Kingdom and United States.

Waiting for a LG, Google, or the creature parents, les’s for giving us official figures, estimates that the guys at XDA Developers Forum have been done we can follow. Sales for months would be as follows:

  • October: 70,000
  • November: 90,000
  • December: 210,000
  • January: more than 550,000

Up to this point, we found a pretty bad sales strategy (have aroused interest in people who are done buying other terminals), in which the parties involved have not hesitated to throw the blame each other. I me positioned in the place of LG, I believe that they have met the production requested by Google, which has not been able to estimate the demand of the market.

Do you believe that realistic sales of the phone can be considered? Would would have sold more if it had been more available? do people really know Nexus 4? I hope your opinions…