GPS Coordinates of House to Decorate Walls

Today there are many proposals that we have within our reach to decorate our house : furniture, painting, lighting, decorative items of all kinds and, of course, vinyls to decorate walls.

However, it happens with some frequency that it is difficult to find something really personal and unique.An idea that represents us and identifies in a genuine way and with which we can move away from generalist decoration proposals.

This time we bring you an idea of ​​the simplest with which we seek precisely this: to give each home a sign of exclusive distinction . And we do it by combining vinyl so you can find inspiration quickly.

As many of you already know, offers a tool with which to personalize texts on vinyl. And in case you had not noticed, the applications are endless!

What we are going to teach you today is to decorate any room in your home by combining vinyls from the catalog of the online store with vinyl text that we will customize with the GPS coordinates of the home (or local, work, etc.) of each one.It’s just an idea, so you can start from this and come up with the most creative combinations.You have a large catalog to exploit

First, let’s find out what the GPS coordinate of our house, for which we will enter the web and we will follow the following steps:

  • In the map we move to the point where we want to know its coordinate.(You can zoom to be more precise)
  • Once you are above your house, click and you will see that the coordinates are filled in the left side of the screen
  • We are interested in GSM (degrees, minutes and seconds), as they will become more aesthetic
  • We note them as follows (take a look at the image): 40º24’58.849 “N 3º42’13.537” W
  • These are the coordinates chosen, in degrees, minutes and seconds .You can test its operation by looking directly at Google as we have done in this example search.
  • Once you have them, you have to enter the Vinyl Text tool in TeleAdhesive and put exactly the same.You can select size, color, font style etc.It is very important that you choose fonts that include the symbols (º ‘”) because otherwise they will not be included with the vinyl.If in the preview you see appear, perfect.Make sure that in this preview everything appears as you like and if not, change the font until you have one that shows everything correctly.In the examples we include the typefaces we have used and their size, so that you have it easier In addition, you can scissor the vinyl so that it will be possible to put it in two lines if you wish, as you see in the examples.
  • Once you have this clear part, you can place the order and study various options to combine these texts with other decorative vinyls that fit well.You have several cartographic elements in this section .And as a suggestion, you can also combine it with any other catalog design like maps , more custom text elements or any other options.Let your imagination fly!
  • For example, here you have a smart and simple option.You can find the vinyl “Home, sweet home” by clicking on the image:

A fun option for moviegoers. Match the personalized vinyl text with your pointing finger and on the other side the vinyl of the phone :

An option with weather vane vinyl for those who want to get better orientation:

And finally, for those who want to make it clear that once you cross the threshold, you have to respect the rules. Vinyl “Mi casa Mis normas” :