Good Mood-Bathrobe from Pip Studio

Hach, in which I am grad fully in love.

Call for about two weeks I mean it own and every time I’m flashed of these colors and patterns.

So fresh, so joyful, so wow!

My New Morning Or Bathrobe From PIP Studio.

PIP Studio not I knew before and stumbled on it by “Accident” in the network. I so got surfed because I wanted some like for the still somewhat chilly mornings, in that I play when I get up early in the morning and sit on the laptop.

He should envelop me snugly, but not too warm, and give me good morning mood. A bit, he should be my “magic shell” in which I get automatically gives good ideas for writing and for the blogs.

After some searching, I’ve met him:

A Terry cloth bathrobe with colorful flowers, birds, and small bird cages. Already very special.

Asia meets Hawaii I’d say.

Size-technically he could like more a number, but when L was unfortunately. Going grad.

Nice I think not so beautiful that the pale inner workings above herauslukt from the collar and hood long sleeves and hood. You might do better with a matching lining. But now then. Who BB´s perfect?

For me the design isn’t quite daring and color-coded my theme, but somehow he has fascinated me right. The price of 99.95 euro is steep, but loved even the whole PIP Studio story and hey presto, he was in Zalando shopping basket.

And I’ve got no regrets BB´s: I love him.

PIP Studio is a Dutch company that designed according to the motto: “happy products for happy people”.

I get really happy when I see him, got him close to me and he brings a little “magic” in my life.

This is often more than what woman by some “New” can expect, or?

Here Are BB´S To Buy This Bathrobe And Other Beautiful Things From PIP Studio:

PIP Studio at Zalando (bed linen is also very class…)