Ghosts’n Goblins, First Impressions: an Adaptation Can Be Improved E Equal of Difficult That Once

For some time the classics are becoming fashionable, from consoles that recur until games coming to new platforms to get the nostalgic side of which we already have certain age. Android is one of the places of destination for the titles that we enjoyed small, and Capcom is one of which more seriously take this return of the classics.

One of the games that we most enjoyed was with Ghosts’n Goblins and, to make us remember old times, brought it to Android at a price of 1,19€. I have been testing it from the moment of his departure and, as is necessary, We bring you the first impressions of this title you anticipate, is just as difficult as before.

The same visual appearance of the once brought to a touch screen game, what such fits?

Precisely the main charm that have this kind of games is that they have a visual appearance as close as possible to when we played them in the recreational. In this aspect Ghosts’n Goblins complies fairly well, maintains the aesthetics of the title of yesteryear and have sought the best way of adapting to our smartphones, but is it good enough?

When we talk about a game that isn’t too easy to adapt home (there is no tutorial that tells you what possibilities you have), handle it on a touch screen is not simple because home, almost the first enemy you have in the face and doesn’t give you time to see what each button is.

The disposal of them is as follows: in the left side you have two buttons to move left and right, one below used to crouch down and down stairs and another over serving to climb stairs. In the right part of the screen you have the buttons to jump, and the attack.

In the default settings for the buttons in the right area are too large, and unfortunately, There is no way of making them somewhat smaller. The left area are quite strange in the form that appears by default, but in the game settings you can modify them, my favorite is the way Virtual Pad, more discreet and intuitive for my taste.

Then, if I have to say if it is right or wrong, I would say that regulate because although the idea is the more logical, they should give more options to customize each button, especially the jump and attack. Worst of all is that Capcom does not allow native compatibility with physical controls (which does not rule out that you can play with them using other methods).

The best and worst of Ghosts’n Goblins

What is clear is that the company has tried to bring the veteran game in the best possible way to smartphones, and has not done at all badly. In his favor is the fact that is an addictive title, that invites you to try again and again to pass each level and, in addition, you can play only a couple of minutes or practically every hour.

Mentioned and nostalgia are practically the only positive points as well as fidelity in terms of visual appearance, but are things that count for much for that nostalgic that you want to recover those memories of childhood. But things could be better, in some cases gives the impression of wanting to remove it quickly and running.

A point that has been a bit disappointing to me is that the game do not save the configuration of control that you have used, i.e., if you choose the Virtual Pad to play and they take away your three lives, returning to start you again have the buttons configured by default. This makes you have to pause the game again and choose the ‘Virtual Pad’ or whatever your favorite.

Another thing that should work more Capcom is on the subject of the response of the buttons, they need to better optimize this fact because you’ll have to click many times in a short time the fire button and sometimes it refuses to throw the weapon. Voucher that depends also on delay in pressing that has the screen (which is more or less between 89 and 93), but the game needs to work this aspect.

This means that in a terminal of medium or low range of it makes one or two years will give a feeling that does not work very well when, by the characteristics of the game, they could run it with total fluidity. This is not to say that half of the times not disparate, but any time you win any coup by not throwing the weapon enough times.

The best of Ghsosts’n Goblins is that it is quite addictive, the worst is that it is not all that one would expect from a title of Capcom optimized.

Now, is it worth paying the price of €1.19 which is worth in Android? This It will depend much on how powerful is the nostalgia in ti. I am almost sure that Capcom will solve the problems that have to do with the operation of the game, but what cannot be fixed is bad I am, that I have not passed the screen number two. have you already tried this game? What did you think?

Ghosts’n Goblins MOBILE1.00.02

  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: CAPCOM CO., LTD.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 1,19€
  • Category: Arcade