Ghosts ‘ N Goblins: The Capcom Classic Comes to Android, Now Available for Download

Capcom US has prepared a series of classic games, of those who already have 1942 since last week. In total there are four titles that will try to bring memories to those moments in which one stood before a recreational machine to see how “elders” were playing a game.

A few hours ago Capcom has released Ghosts ‘ N Goblins in the Google Play Store at a price of € 1.19. A classic game that has an exquisite finish in pixel art and that has been one of the toughest games we had in these halls of amusement machines of yesteryear.

Best port to 1942

After playing a sit & go, will discovers that he has better pint than 1942, the first game of the four that Capcom plans to launch in recent weeks. It is expected that if we had two in a little more than one week time Strip, Surely that Commando and Ghouls N Goblin are falling.

The game screen is divided into a central part where runs all the action and we have our Sir Arthur, and side strips in which controls are located such as the movement and crouch in the left side, while the shot and jump we have on the right side.

It has no remote support, a great handicap to get all the benefits, and more to a game that supposedly has all the difficulty of recreational machine. Anyway, you can play perfectly and is better adapted to the touch controls. That Yes, will have to take a little patience to control well to our Sir Arthur and thus to eliminate all these spooky creatures that populate this title of Capcom.

Another highlight is the performance, It is optimal at all times and does not produce any kind of lag. We also appreciate that Capcom has strived to bring some customization to the different ways that we can apply to have the controls on screen as you want.

Finally, you have two game modes, the “classic” and the “casual”. A game that has the content through a single payment of 1.19 euros, although from the Play Store indicates that there are micropayments. For the time being, the best carried out by Capcom long and that pays tribute to this great recreational machine offered by so many good times to different generations.

Ghosts’n Goblins MOBILE1.00.02

  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: CAPCOM CO., LTD.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 1,19€
  • Category: Arcade